Shopwatch: Zara online

August 8, 2010

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Shopwatch: Zara online

Exciting news broke last year that Zara, one of our favourite High Street retailers, will soon be available online. About time too we think.

The Spanish chain revealed plans to be available online in the UK on 2  September 2010 and several other European countries next month. This means that you’ll be able to easily click through Zara’s on- trend pieces from the comfort of your own home.

As well as the UK, Zara online will launch across Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal, followed by a roll-out across Europe in all Zara markets. There’s no mention of when they will go online in Ireland there, but at least we can look forward to buying from Zara UK’s website and hopefully, the keen sterling prices that go with it.

Luckily for all you homeware enthusiasts, Zara Home already has a website.

I was first introduced to Zara back in 2001 when I lived in Madrid. It was my go-to shop for work wear (fitted shirts and suits) and stylish winter jackets and coats. Their range of camy tops to go under v-neck jumpers, dresses and blouses is amazing as they come in a wide range of colours.

Coming home to Ireland in this stylish gear, always came with compliments from my friends and family until Zara eventually opened in Ireland and everyone else was able to avail of this Spanish style secret.

Zara’s take on shoes is always up-to-date with designer lookalikes, although I have to admit that I’ve never had a good experience with their shoes so I’ve stopped buying them.

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9 Responses to “Shopwatch: Zara online”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    Are the shoes really uncomfortable? I’ve tried on a few pairs all right and they always look great but I wouldn’t be sure I could walk in them! Love Zara for coats and blazers – even better if you’re in Spain where it’s always a little cheaper…

  2. Whatshewearsannemarie Says:

    Yes.Maybe it was bad luck but I bought 3 pairs there over the years and they looked great but were really uncomfortable?!

  3. Rosa Says:

    Ahh I’ve been waiting for this moment to come!

    That cape has my name on it.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Rosa x

  4. Sandra Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, their shoes are beautiful but a painful disaster. While they look bang on trend they are made with harsh materials that result in sore heels and blisters! Their clothes are divine and now there is no excuse for missing your fav piece when it goes online! Yay! PS their iPhone App is pretty good too!

  5. Claire Says:

    Heh Rosa – yay Im loving the cape thing going on this season. Would love a Victoria Beckham one but thats me dreaming so the Zara ones looks right up my alley

  6. Annemarie Says:

    @Sandra – Id love if Zara could make real leather shoes, it would help their case a lot. Must check out the iPhone app asap, thanks for that

  7. Hilda Says:

    Hi AnneMarie, I have the cape! I really like it- maybe not best practical for Irish weather- but looks good

  8. Mella Says:

    Great to hear this! I guess that online retail is going to become increasingly popular among high-street stores to compete with the likes of and co.


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