X Factor: Week 4

November 1, 2010

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X Factor: Week 4

Cheryl Cole Saturday Week 4

By the looks of things, Cheryl Cole is getting first dibs on the Spring Summer 2011 looks for the X Factor live shows.

On Saturday night she appeared on stage wearing a Jonathan Saunders Spring 2011 dress which included a mesh yoke and waxy trim on the hem of her flared skirt, worn with Jimmy Choo metallic sandals.

Cheryl Cole Sunday X Factor

On Sunday Cheryl Cole changed from her to-date black X Factor uniform by wearing an Ina Soltani Autumn Winter 2010 two tone dress. Her deal with di Grisogono jewels must be a good one as she wore them for the third week in a row.

The purple and hot pink mini dress with a pleated dramatic bodice and black velvet belt was paired with purple suede Christian Louboutin shoes.

Dannii Minogue X Factor Saturday

Dannii Minogue made quite an entrance on the X Factor stage loon Sunday wearing a Marchesa autumn 2010 with red Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe shoes and Annoushka jewels.

If I were totally honest, the red dress did nothing for her and her makeup wasn’t as perfect as it usually is. Her Jedward quiff was back, which you may remember she wore varying takes on last year.

Dannii Minogue Sunday X Factor

Dannii’s dress is the Tinsel asymmetric dress from her very own Project D collection It has not yet hit the Dublin store but is Available online at Harvey Nichols – (£355, add £5.50 for delivery to Ireland so in total €416).  There’s also a beautiful floor length version of the dress (£490).

I like the sparkle and long sleeve detail but do think that it looks too big for her – it just doesn’t have the wow factor that the couture J’aton Couture gowns she’s worn in the past do.

You might remember Danni’s dress from X factor week 1, when she also wore a Project D style that time a prom dress. The bodice top hugged Dannii in the right place while this week, the dress was too straight up and down for her.

Her hair made up for it though – the sleek straight bob won me over totally.

So what did you think? Is the style getting better or worse?

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6 Responses to “X Factor: Week 4”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    I think Cheryl looked better this week but she’s sticking to similar styles week on week. I really liked Dannii’s hair and make up both nights, thought she looked good – red dress maybe not as good as previous weeks.

  2. Lee Says:

    Absolutely loved Cheryl’s purple & pink dress on Sunday. I have always loved purple & pink together. Getting a bit sick of her ear rings though, *yawn*

  3. Annemarie Says:

    @Lee – ha ha I know what you mean about the rings! yes it was a lovely change from black wasn’t it. I’ve seen it a couple of times in the past year and works well

  4. Annemarie Says:

    hi Aoife, the red dress was a weird shape – perhaps she was thinking of the poppy too much instead of the dress choice!

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Thought Danni looked great both nights and she is winning in the style stakes hands down this year. My favourite outfits on her so far have been the white lace one and the blue pencil dress. Cherly’s style seems to be regressing – really disliked saturday nights outfit and agree with comments that sundays outfit looked like a quality street! She is so amazing looking with a fab body – she should go back to her brown hair colour and start getting some classy frocks!!

  6. Aoifs Says:

    Yeah there’s something dynasty 1987 about Cheryl’s hair – prefer it a more natural looking colour.

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