X Factor Week 1

October 10, 2010

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X Factor Week 1

My name’s Anne Marie and I’m an X Factor addict.

For the last two years I’ve followed the series, and the real reason I tune in every week is to lust after Dannii Minogue’s wardrobe: the dresses, the accessories and the original hair styles. And with Cheryl’s return to the series after her bout of Malaria, I’m hoping for the style wars to begin.

I thoroughly enjoyed how it all played out last year with Dannii my overall favorite.

The live shows finally hit our screens on Saturday 9 October and X Factor was go.

Despite Dannii Minogue missing the X Factor auditions due to her maternity leave, she certainly picked up where she left off last year, wearing a J’Aton Couture dress, an Australian designer she wore heaps last year, and one we’re sure to see her supporting again this series.

The winged shouldered white dress looked great on her from the waist up, though I didn’t quite like the lace underlay towards the bottom of the hem. But there’s no denying that Minogue looks spectacular only two months post baby, the question is, how did she do it?   Her uber large knuckle duster Annoushka ring and discreet earrings (€27,500, available at Brown Thomas) were winning touch for me though.

danniis ring xfactor

Dannii’s dress Sunday night

Danni’s black prom dress on Sunday night’s Xfactor is something we can all get our hands on, if we’d so like. It’s her own Project D collection, available at Harvey Nichols.

Cheryl Cole X Factor

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole’s first appearance on the X Factor live shows sees her adopting the same strategy as she did for last year’s shows: shorter than short dresses by cutting edge designers.

On Saturday’s X Factor, Cheryl’s dress was a one shoulder little black dress by Daniel Vosovic (a Project Runway series two finalist) worn with Valentino bow sandals and her De Grisogono diamonds and pearls (€150,000) resembled rotating planets.

Cheryl and Dannii weren’t the only ones to go with statement earrings : Rebecca and even Mary had their own versions. Go Mary Byrne (MaBy)!

rebecca xfactor

mary xfactor

The veridict? Dannii was the clear winner for me on Saturday.  It was the combination of her accessories,  understated dress choice and soft curly upstyle versus an over tanned looked Cheryl.

The tables turned on Sunday night, when Dannii’s hairpiece looked awful while Cheryl’s messy bun looked fresh. On Sunday, Cheryl wore a  Zuhair Murad grey lace mini dress (€5200).

So, what do you think, who looked best on Saturday night?

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4 Responses to “X Factor Week 1”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    I thought Dannii looked great on the Sunday night, wasn’t a fan of the sat night outfit and the jury is still out on the hair colour. I think darker suits her better. Thought Cheryl may have edged it this week outfit wise. However, thought she looked a bit too tangoed on sat night…

    None of the acts stand out fashion wise, though there were nearly too many to remember. Love Matt, story with the hat though!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Cheryls tan on Sat was too dark alright. Loved Danni’s project D dress on Sunday night but her hair was so fake – A mad orange with add on pony tail. so not her!
    Like Matt too, without the hat thanks. Maybe it’s his lucky charm and if he doesnt wear it he won’t do well?!


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