X Factor Style Week 5

November 9, 2009

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X Factor Style Week 5

Dannii Minogue’s dress X Factor

My love affair with Dannii Minogue’s style continues. She impressed me yet again in a white, art deco inspired dress by Ralph&Russo. And as for her hair, I have three words to describe it – fab, fab, fab! I’ve never seen this hair length worked out in so many different ways.

Dannii is a huge fan of the Little White Dress, having worn white to numerous occasions recently, including the lighting of the Harrods Christmas lights in London, where she sported a short dress by Aussie designer J’Aton Couture.

This particular gown was custom made for Dannii with a 70’s inspired theme, which included a thigh high slit, a Swarovski crystal buckle and shoulder sash – very Old Hollywood glamour and fitting for Movie night on X Factor.

The dress cost £1950 (€2,182) and I think it would make an amazing wedding dress. It can be ordered specially via enquiries@ralphandrusso.com.

Cheryl Cole’s dress X Factor

Mrs Cole swapped her haute couture dresses of recent weeks, back to her short designer dresses. If you thought that Cheryl’s little red dress (pictured here far left) on Sunday night looked familiar, you’re correct in assuming that it was previously worn by Sienna Miller back in April of this year.

It’s a sleeveless silk red dress by Marios Schwab with crystal embellished detail on the bodice. You can buy it now on Net-a-porter (€2,879.87)

Stacey Solomen’s wet look leggings

Contestant Stacey Solomon remains as the only act left in Dannii’s “female” category. On Saturday, she rocked an all over wet look – pulled off with a black cardigan which she wore at the start of the performance. Her top is actually a dress from Vila Mode, teamed with leggings from Topshop.  You can easily copy Solomen’s look with wet look leggings from Kova T (€212, Net-a-porter) or for a cheaper equivalent try Vero Moda which have a pair for £20 (€23).

On a side note, Leona Lewis made a guest appearance on X Factor the results on Sunday night, wearing a dramatic black Vivienne Westwood ball gown, not dissimilar to the one she wore to the MTV Europe Awards in Berlin last week.

Here’s the rundown on thne outfits from week 5, Saturday:

Lucie Jones

Jacket – Topshop
Top – Diane Von Furstenburg
Jeans – Topshop
Bracelet – Tallulahtu
Boots – All Saints
Necklace – Chanel Vintage at Selfridges

Stacey Solomen

Dress – Vila Mode
Leggings – Topshop
Shoes – Topshop Unique
Necklace – Mawi


Suit – Topman
T-shirt – Topman
Boots – All Saints

Olly Murs

Suit – Ben Sherman at Topman
Shirt – Fred Perry
Tie – topman
Boots – Jeffery West


Shirt – Ann Demeulemeester
Jeans – Topman
Boots – All Saints

Jamie Archer

T-shirt – Topman
Jeans – Topman
Boots – Jeffery West
Belt – All Saints

Images: Itv.com

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61 Responses to “X Factor Style Week 5”

  1. kamel Says:

    hi can someone help me by telling me what Olly was wearing on week 5
    i want to know were he got that shirt from its a navy blue shirt with a black collar

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Kamel, Do you mean last week (wk4)? as this week Olly wore a skinny suit with a white shirt. On Week 4, Olly wore a Dsquared shirt

  3. Nik Says:

    What about Stacey´s wet-look top/vest? Can anyone tell me where can it be found? Many thanks

  4. Anne Saunders Says:

    My daughter wants Lucie Jones glitter top she wore on show 5 where is it from . If I can afford it I would get it as a xmas suprise

  5. Annemarie Says:

    Nik, the wet look top is a dress from Vila Mode. There is a similar looking top in French Connection, see a pic here http://short.ie/hwene9

  6. Eire Says:

    What about Lucie’s Jeans?? Where did they get them?

  7. becky brooke Says:

    hey can anyone tell me where the pink dress Lucie wore on the sunday show of week 5 during the group song is from???? thanks!

  8. alexandra Says:

    Hi!! i would also like to know where lucie’s pink dress what from!

  9. Emma Says:

    Yes, can you please give us the details of the clothes Lucie on Saturday and Sunday night. Thanks!

  10. lauren Says:

    i need need need lucies jeans why have they not put on where they got them from . please someone help me find them thanks ……..
    i’m only a little mental

  11. megan Says:

    hey, yes rele intresed to know about her dress tryin to look for one simalr for prom x

  12. Annemarie Says:

    Anne, Your daughter has expensive taste! Lucies top is Diane Von Furstenburg but there is a similar version in Oasis in black or green

  13. Annemarie Says:

    Eire & Lauren – Lucie’s ripped jeans were from Topshop!

  14. Annemarie Says:

    Searchin for Lucie’s pink dress…

  15. Annemarie Says:

    Lucie’s pink dress on Sunday night was from Lipsy worn with an underskirt by Peekaboo

  16. Annemarie Says:

    Kamel, Olly Murs shirt on Sunday 8 November is from Topshop

  17. alexandra Says:

    Thanks Annemarie!! :o)

  18. Annemarie Says:

    You’re welcome Alexandra. I found it eventually! :)

  19. becky brooke Says:

    sorry to be a pain but i cant seem to find the underskirt from peekaboo??? can someone please send me a link? would be much appreciated! xxx

  20. Annemarie Says:

    Becky, If in London Peekaboo is sold in Topshop Oxford St and High Street Kensington. Also in Topshop Notingham. I can’t find a link online. Perhaps give them a ring to make sure its in Topshop, sometimes the X Factor contestants get it before the general public which happened with Rachels dress one week. Peekaboo Tel 0207 328 9191. I called this morning and no answer! Or call Topshop customer service who Ive found to be very helpful in the past. UK customers: 0844 984 0264. Good luck!

  21. James Says:

    I have tried looking EVERYWHERE for the jacket Apl.de.ap from black eyed peas wore on his performance on X-factor last week!?

    Someone helpppp

  22. miss jo-jo Says:

    am travelling in asia and missed last weeks xfactor – … missed all the style .. disaster!

    heard the news re Lucie – cant believe it …. will just have to keep checkinh here for updates next 2 weeks

  23. kamel Says:

    hi sorry i mean danial jonson shirt….not olly…please please please annmarie can you e mail me if possible
    the shirt danial jonson was wearing week 5 singing purple rain thanx

  24. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Kamel, Danyl’s shirt on week 5 singing purple rain is by Dolce and Gabanna!

  25. Amy Says:

    Hi Annemarie, do you know the designer of Dannii’s dress on sunday nov 8, the 50s inspired strapless one?

  26. Annemarie Says:

    Will do my best to find out for you Amy…

  27. lulu Says:


    is this the pink dress? i cant work out if it is because hers had straps and this one doesnt and the bottom looks different? pleeeease help i need her dress!!


    thanks xxx

  28. Catriona Horner Says:

    annemarie please please please can you tell me where stacey got her chocolate coloured dress that she was wearing on last nights show on x factor (14/11/09) i really love it and have a ball to go to in 2 weeks and it would be perfect!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  29. Nicole Richie News Says:

    I went to Topshop (the topshop in Liverpool – the second biggest in the UK) & Lucie’s jeans weren’t there & they arent on the site neither. Are they definetly Topshop jeans?

  30. Annemarie Says:

    heh Nicole Richie news: yes they are defo Topshop, they are the black version of these “extreme ripped skinny jeans” http://short.ie/6ahw2i. Give Topshop customer service a call, their number is on http://short.ie/mvoc30 and theyll be able to tell you if they are in stock or sold out etc

  31. Annemarie Says:

    Lulu, yes thats it.The bottom on Lucies looked different as she added an underskirt, like a tutu. She got her underskirt from Peekaboo but your local vintage or retro clothing shop may have one. Good luck!

  32. Annemarie Says:

    Amy, Dannii Minogues dress on Sunday November 8 was a nude strapless dress by Aussie couture designers J’Aton Couture. You cant see much from their website. A similar, but not as see through dress in a nude colour is one by Alberta Ferretti which has 65% off see http://short.ie/ojsyco

  33. Annemarie Says:

    Catriona, I´ll find out for you. Please check back on Tuesday

  34. lulu Says:

    thanks Annemarie!


  35. leesnn Says:

    Hi can any1 tell me who makes the white shirt that olly wore for the charity song on sun 15th nov?

  36. Claire Says:

    Leesnn, it looked like a Fred Perry shirt?

  37. Annemarie Says:

    Catriona, Looks like Staceys dress from 14 November is not in the shops as its a custom made gown by Suzanne Neville (British bridal designer). Debenhams is a good resource for ballgowns, try http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10001_10001_66757_827509_-1

  38. Annemarie Says:

    Yep, Ollys white shirt is a Fred perry shirt! Its his signature look / brand at this stage

  39. James Says:

    can you please tell me what jacket Apl.de.ap wore from black eyed peas? It was a black hooded padded jacket with material sleeves!?

  40. Annemarie Says:

    James, Ive searched everywhere, and cant find it. The closest jackets are 1) Paul & Joe hooded jacket on ASOS which doesnt have the padded sleeves like Apl.de.ap http://short.ie/smn4za or 2) Schott Wilks rfeversible jacket, also on ASOS http://short.ie/y32hax which doesnt have the same side zip detail as Apl.de.aps. Have also asked about it on Twitter.

  41. Charlie Says:

    Hi, just wondered if you could please please help me. I’m absolutely desperate to own the grey/silvery Fred Perry shirt Olly was wearing on Queen night. I can’t find it to buy anywhere..checked the Fred Perry website. Please help!

  42. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Charlie, Not sure if you saw Week 6 X Factor article here on WhatSheWears.ie, but I mentioned that you can buy it online on Coggles.com, its called Raf Simons X Fred Perry – Grey shirt. Hope its lovely on you!

  43. jake Says:

    hey im trying to find the jeans apl.de.ap wore on the x factor show and were to get them from any help would be appriciated thanks

  44. jake Says:

    were can you get the jeans apl.de.ap was wearing in x factor? thanks

  45. Annemarie Says:

    I’ve no idea Jake, sorry :(

  46. lucy Says:

    can somebody tel me where the dress is from that stacey wore on 21st
    november please i love it x

  47. lucy Says:

    the black one with diomanties on the front x

  48. lucy Says:

    thanksss x

  49. Annemarie Says:

    Lucy, Staceys dress was a custom design by Suzanne Neville


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