X Factor Style Week 4

November 3, 2009

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X Factor Style Week 4

I was loving the rock chick theme and looks last Saturday night for the fourth week of X factor Live Show. And the top trend amongst the ladies? Leather accessories.

Rachel Adedeji wore a Lipsy animal print prom dress with a wide leather “lazer cut” belt from All Saints (£120, €134). In fact this edgy retailer, renowned for its rock chick vibe, featured predominantly throughout the girls outfits, also kitting out Lucie in hard ware army boots (Amarante Boots, £175, €195 ), and a cut off tartan shirt.

I also loved Rachel’s fabulous fringe, she’s certainly come a long way since auditions when she sported a shaved short style with a blonde badger-like streak. Read more about which fringe suits your face shape here.

Stacey Solomen’s dress  X Factor 31 October

Who really stood out from the rest in the style stakes however, was Stacey Solomen. I’ve received countless requests asking about her dress and am glad to reveal that it’s from Warehouse.

It was the layering in Stacey’s outfit that made the outfit stand out for me – over her dress she wore an All Saints Asta Gilet fringed waistcoat (£295, €328). I’m mad about gilets of every kind at the moment, so was excited to see Stacey wear one too.

Cheryl Cole’s dress  X Factor 31 October

Cheryl Cole was made another fashion statement on Saturday night, wearing a dress by young, up and coming British designer David Koma. It was a black mini dress with fan detail around the bust and statement neckline. It’s probably the most talked about outfit she’s worn so far this series! What did you think of it?

This designer only graduated from Central Saint Martins in March of this year and won Vauxhall’s Fashion Scouts Merit award which gave him his own show at London Fashion week last month!

You can buy the coat version of Cheryl’s dress at Browns Fashion, a great source for new designers such as Koma. No doubt Mrs Cole wearing his design will give him maximum exposure now.

On Sunday, Cheryl wore a more understated outfit, perfect for the upcoming party season. Her Les Chiffoniers sequinned pants are a brand she sometimes wears in leggings/trousers. There are plenty of sparkly trousers out there though, alternatively try Hannah Slim Crop Sequin Legging by Siwy from shopbop.com ($198).

Here’s what the contestants wore on X Factor 31 October


Waistcoat – All Saints
Dress – Warehouse
Necklace – Warehouse
Shoes – Topshop


Dress – Lipsy
Belt – All Saints
Shoes – Topshop


Shirt – All Saints
Bodice – Custom made
Jeans – All Saints
Boots – All Saints


T-shirt – Topman
Waistcoat – Raf Simons
Jeans – Topman
Shoes – Topman
Watch – Folli Follie


Jacket – Tom Baker
T-shirt – Lamis Khamis
Jeans – Topman
Boots – Jeffery West
Scarf – Alexander McQueen
Dancers for Jamie – Topshop, H&M, River Island, Topman.


Shirt – Dsquared
Belt – All Saints
Jeans – All Saints
Shoes – Hudson


Shirt – French Connection
Waistcoat – John Varvatos
Jeans – Gap
Boots – Topman


T-shirt – All Saints
Jacket – All Saints
Jeans – Topman
Boots – Topman

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Images, Itv.com

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36 Responses to “X Factor Style Week 4”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    I didn’t like Cheryl’s sat night outfit. I thought it would have looked good if she was performing herself but as a judge outfit, it didn’t work for me. Swamped her shoulders.

    Stacey’s outfit was my fav, loved the dress – she looked really comfortable in it as well.

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Agree. I LOVED Stacey’s dress so much.Great for Christmas party season

  3. FayeNatalie Says:

    Really want Cheryl’s trousers from Sunday night, they didn’t look like leggings, they looked and fitted like trousers.

  4. Laura Says:


    I think this is what stacy wore its a vest not a dress, and it seems to be only in silver not gold. Its was fab on her.

  5. Aoifs Says:

    Might take a trip to warehouse for a lookage but reckon they’ll be sold out by now.

  6. Annemarie Says:

    Not sold out no, its due in this week to Warehouse and the necklace Stacey wore is also in store now! http://blog.warehouse.co.uk/

  7. Annemarie Says:

    Hey Laura, According to Warehouse its a dress, its just not for sale online yet. You can catch a pic here http://blog.warehouse.co.uk/

  8. Annemarie Says:

    Natalie, yeah they are trousers. Les Chiffoniers make leggings too which Cheryl has worn in the past. Usually sold on Netaporter but cant see these gold sequinned ones in stock.

  9. avril Says:

    where did Dannii get her black knee length dress on this Sunday nights live show(week 4)?

  10. Annemarie Says:

    Looks like LK Bennetts Tango dress although it could be a designer dress, theres so many black satin dresses out there right now! What did you think of her crimped hair? I’m not so convinced…its a part of the 80s best forgotten I think

  11. avril Says:

    Thanks Annemarie

    Didnt like the crimped hair but it does seem to be popular as I’ve seen people at weddings recently with crimped up-do’s, but personnally wouldn’t go there!!!
    so LK Bennetts-i’ll look that up on the net-if u no what website i should check out, that would be really helpful-Thanks again

  12. Annemarie Says:

    Yes I threw away my “crimper” a long time ago! Here you go Avril: http://www.lkbennett.com/products/sale/saleclothing/saleclothingdresses/tango/pid-29659black. As I say, it might not be an exact match but I’ve trawled every source and can’t find Danni’s one (she has a pleat detail on the skirt and a belt, though belt is not part of dress), which is frustrating! If I find out, I’ll email you.

  13. avril Says:

    Thanks a million Annemarie for that-your SO helpful. much appreciated!

  14. Sianda Says:

    Please, what dress Danni wore on Saturday night? Where can i get something similar?

  15. Annemarie Says:

    Dannii’s dress on both Saturday and Sunday night was by Aussie designer J’Aton Couture. Haven’t seen a similar one to the one shouldered silver number though

  16. Romy Says:

    I think the dress that cheryl wore could’ve really worked for her if she had let her hair down. I usually like her hair away from her face, it really compliments her, but with the fan-things like that…
    Stacey looked stunning on saturday! Looked so comfortable in it as well, which really added to it!

  17. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Romy, Cheryl’s dress was hard to pull off allright, she got a lot of stick for it. Beyonce wore this same designer David Koma to the MTV Europe awards last week. Staceys dress was fab, my favourite on the night!

  18. Bex Says:

    Where did Lucie get her top this weekend (7th Nov)? The lovely sparkly one!?

  19. Annemarie Says:

    hi Bex, From Oasis. They have them in a few colours :)

  20. Holly Says:

    Where the dress from lucie wore in the results show it was pink? Xx

  21. ana paula Says:

    they are always nice. have nothing to compline aout than.

  22. niamh Says:

    hey there, does anybody know where holly got the black dress with the lace detail on the shoulders, which she wore on week 4, 31/10/09? i think it’s fab

  23. Annemarie Says:

    Niamh, thats a hard one. Holly’s style is really hard to find, Ive searched everywhere. Hers is lace on top with cap sleeves and solid black from chest down. Cant find it :( Similar ones on Asos (but very short called ASOS PETITE Exclusive 2 In 1 Lace Body Con), Lipsy and also John Lewis but they are just not the same!

  24. Annemarie Says:

    Stacey’s dress is now in stock in Warehouse, in Ireland it retails for €310!!

  25. mags Says:

    Hi Annemarie,
    Where did danni get her skull earings on the Rock night? (week 4) They are fab :-)

  26. Annemarie Says:

    Mags, Dannii Minogues skull earrings on X Factor week 4 are Theo Fennell link here http://www.theofennell.com/shop/online/SKULL-EARRINGS.html

  27. Annemarie Says:

    Found Holly Willoughby’s black dress with lace detail which she wore on Xtra factor 31 October. It’s by Tadashi and available here http://short.ie/yi3wi0


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