X Factor Earrings and Bangles Alert

December 10, 2009

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X Factor Earrings and Bangles Alert

I’m yearning to get my ears pierced. Shock horror I know, and contrary to ALL Spanish new born baby girls who have their ears pierced within a couple of hours of childbirth (not that I’m Spanish),  I still don’t have any piercings!  That’s not to say that I haven’t tried; I had them pierced once, only to forget to wear my studs for a few days and find that the holes had closed over.

So I’ve survived to date on clip-on earrings from Claire’s accessories (seems to be the only place in Ireland to stock them) and ordering fab earrings online from Cliptomania in the US.

So all this earring-mania on X Factor has left me very jealous of late. Giant supersized earrings are everywhere this season from the runways at Ralph Lauren to your local bar on a Saturday night.

After finding a supersized pair of earrings, to pull off the look, one also needs well styled hair, and there’s no shortage of that on the X factor. Cher-annii have certainly pulled out these lobe-busters week after week.

Although most of their choices are a bit on the pricey side, and most likely gifted to them, there are lots of ways to achieve an equivalent look for less.

Dannii, on trend and seasonal at the same time, wore Theo Fennell skull earrings on week 4 (Rock Week). These designer babies will set you back a whopping £2,750.00!  All the luxurious jewellers from Mawi to Naoimi Klein have their own skull version, but for the rest of us looking for this skeletal look at an accessible price, we can turn to Alexander McQueen, already famous for his skull scarf, who has a pair of black metal and jet skull drop earrings (€180, Net-a-porter).  Alternatively, opt for a subtle stud with skull design in sterling silver from Dogeared at Asos (£25, €28).

On October 4, Dannii, pictured top left, wore linear earrings again, this time by Kara Ross. On the same night, she dressed both her wrists, with the small shirt cuff in black python on one wrist and the bark cuff in black on the other, again by Kara Ross. Brown Thomas is known to stock this designer.

Bangles on X Factor

Keen on stacking her bangles and bracelets on semi final results night, 7 December, Danni Minoque wore hoop earrings and lots of  bangles (Blaguette Diva, £170 each) with her silver Aurelio Costarella dress (pictured far right).

Irish owned Chica boutique has also featured this year and last, when contestants, Alexandra Burke (last year) and this year, Miss Frank wore their costume jewellery bracelets.

On X Factor semi finals, Dannii wore a pair of statement pair of Kara Ross Hexagon Gemstone earrings ($325, pictured centre) with her orange Aurelio Costarella dress. Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole’s earring choices are easier to copy. Cheryl sometimes opts for hoop earrings or globe earrings, like these pink ones pictured from week 7. You’ll find some black globe earrings in Wallis (£5, €6) and large hooped earrings are everywhere from Accessorize to the top designers. Personally, I favour Cheryl’s earring choices with an up do, which gives them the limelight they deserve.

As regards the X Factor contestants’ outfits at the semi final, here’s the rundown:

X Factor Saturday 5 December

Stacey – The Way You Make Me Feel

Jacket – Custom Made by Maggie Cooke
Body – Topshop
Tights – Mytights.com
Shoes – Carvela
Hat and Gloves – Hollywood Trading Company


Shirt – Anthony Price at Topman
Jeans – Urban Outfitters
Belt – Hollywood Trading Company


Shirt – Bolongaro Trevor
Jeans – Topman
Shoes – KG


Shirt – Superdry
Jeans – Topman
Boots – Topman

Stacey 2nd song

Dress – All Saints
Ring and Earrings – rentyourrocks.com

Olly – We Can Work It Out

Shirt – D&G at Harrods
Trousers – D&G at Harrods
Shoes – Office
Tie – Topman

Danyl – I Have Nothing

Suit – Neil Barratt at Harrods
Shirt – Full Circle
Shoes – KG


Shirt – Alexander McQueen
Jeans – Topman
Boots – Topman

Sunday 6 December


Jacket – Zara Customised
Top – Topman
Jeans – Topman
Boots – Schmoove at Topman


Dress – Miss Selfridge
Jacket – Miss Selfridge Customised
Tights – Mytights.com
Ring – Freedom at Topshop
Bracelet – Links of London
Shoes – Converse


Top – CM @ Selfridges
Jeans – All Saints
Jacket – Customised All Saints
Shoes – KG


T-shirt – Next
Jeans – Urban Outfitters
Jacket – Customised Zara
Necklace – Links of London
Belt – Hollywood Trading Company
Boots – KG

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13 Responses to “X Factor Earrings and Bangles Alert”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    I was thinking of getting my ears pierced this Christmas, you’d be surprised at the amount of people who don’t have them done. Actually it was Dannii’s Christmas Decoration / Earrings on Saturday that prompted me to finally do the deed. They were gigantic!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    They were Huge. Loved them, would love to be able to wear them too. She’s certainly an inspiration!

  3. Annemarie Says:

    Stacey’s bracelet on Saturday 5 December looks like one of Mawi’s gold autumn winter bracelets. The X Factor people confirmed it was from Chica but it’s not (I spoke to them, very helpful!) even though they’ve been worn on X Factor before.

  4. whisty Says:

    Hahaha Cher-annii.
    I love the way Dannii has dressed up her simple, sleek bob. Who knew you could get so many looks from such a short hair do. The earrings certainly help to create the edgy looks she manages to pull off! I always thought big earrings looked a bit dated with shorter hair… she certainly showed me! The Minogue can do no wrong this season! x
    p.s. good luck if you do decide to go for the piercings, the worst part will be wearing really boring studs for weeks as the holes heal!

  5. Annemarie Says:

    Thanks Whisty! Yes, am fairly impressed with all Dannii does this X Factor. Would you believe she’s been styling herself for the shows, working with a manniquin and her designer buddies from Oz; Jaton Couture and Aurelio Costarella, from her London flat? (Meanwhile Cheryl has 2 x stylists!). As they say in Melbourne, “Goodonya doll!”.

  6. whisty Says:

    No way. That is utterly fantastic and look how well it has worked for her, I don’t know anyone who thinks she doesn’t look great. I’m just utterly impressed that she’s doing in her flat. Though in all fairness, when Kylie is your big sis, it’s going to be more like a exclusive penthouse with views of the Thames. After all you couldn’t invite the pop pixie round to your bedsit in Degenham could you! x

  7. Annemarie Says:

    I was asked about Stacey’s sparkly dangly earrings on in her third song in the final, any idea where they are from? They were from rentyourrocks.com and her dress is by Suzanne Neville. It was the Who Who Wants to Live song.

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Annemarie,

    just wondering do you know where Alexandra Burke got her dress from in which she sung “Bad Boys” on the x factor live? Its a gold sequin dress. Alsolutely love it.

  9. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Stephanie, as far as I know the dress Alexandra wore on X Factor performing Bad Boys was from Lipsy.I cant find it on their website Lipsy.co.uk but there is a similar one on Asos (but boob tube style) http://tinyurl.com/ygob4uk

  10. stephanie Says:

    Hello Annemarie,
    thanks for your reply although I am nearly certain it is not lipsy as I am always on the lipsy website and have never seen that design. That dress is impossible to track i cant find it anywhere I have searching for weeks. :(

  11. Annemarie Says:

    Hi again, Sorry its the one she wears iat the childline concert thats a Lipsy dress its gold too but white gold with a scoop back. The one on x factor is a yellow gold sleevless dress with disc detail. Hope you find it, let us know if you do!

  12. Tyra Gallina Says:

    When I recently discovered your internet site and started following along, I was thinking I’d post my first comment. I don’t know just what to say except that I truly liked reading through. Great writings. I am going to keep on visiting this site more frequently.


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