Win Transfer Tattoos a la “Chanel”

March 25, 2010

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Win Transfer Tattoos a la “Chanel”

This month Chanel launched their trompe l’œil trend – intricate, non-permanent tattoos – a cross between a fashion accessory and makeup, they bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘body art’.

The idea is to wear minimal makeup and make the rest of your skin a canvas applying the transfers around wrists, over collarbones or even between the splits of a skirt.

Alexa Chung declared she wanted them and now tattoos have taken centre stage on the trend front.

If you like these looks then enter this week’s competition!

We have two Transfer Tattoos up for grabs for subscribers, designed by Ines de Castilho, who’s previously worked with Christian Dior and YSL.

Choose from a Jasmin Pearl in black or gold (RRP €18.95) available from

To enter, send an email to with ‘’ in the subject line, including your name and address. The competition closes on Wednesday 31 March and winners will be announced here next week.

So now you can stop  hand painting jewellery onto yourself and buy these! Not quite Chanel but close enough.

Chanel image left, Prize from in Jasmin Pearl in black black pictured right.

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  1. Orla Says:

    I am afraid if I won them i would get too attached to them and end up getting them inked permanently…. They are very addictive.

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