Win: Maltesers

January 20, 2011

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Win: Maltesers

It’s January, it’s cold outside and we’re hanging on for payday. So if someone suggests a girl’s night in with all the trimmings, naturally we’re perking up at the notion.

Maltesters® want you to come up with a great excuse to stay in and celebrate the great indoors.

We have THREE great indoor packs to give away to readers; all you have to do is come up with an excuse why you must stay in – post your comment below and we’ll pick the top three next Thursday *

Each Great Indoors prize contains everything you’ll need for your perfect night in including a comfy blanket, cosy slippers, great DVDs and, of course, some delicious Maltesers® to share.

If you don’t win this time, don’t fret as there are tonnes more chances to bag yourself some fantastic prizes.  Simply text MALTESERS to 51500, log on to and fill in the entry form or tune into the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM every morning from Monday 24th until Friday 28th January.

*You must be signed up to our newsletter to be eligible; a resident of Ireland; one entry per person; no cash alternative is possible and the competition will close at 12pm on Thursday 27th January 2011.  The winners will be emailed and announced in our next newsletter.

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82 Responses to “Win: Maltesers”

  1. Siobhan Delaney Says:

    To stay in is to bond with the best, to leave the stress out in the world with the rest of the mess! To have Maltesers munching competitions with a glass of wine or two, and you never know what us girls would get up to!

  2. orl Says:

    Snuggly under the blanket,
    Away from the cold world,
    Savouring maltesters,
    Embryonically curled.

  3. theresa Says:

    Have no money
    Am grumpy
    need Chocolate

  4. Karen Says:

    Because it’s cold outside and I don’t want to go anywhere! And I’ve just lit the fire so can you blame me? All that’s missing is my malteasers… =)

  5. Cj Says:

    In January everyone is a littler heavier on the hips and lighter in the pocket. It’s better all round if we avoid going out on the town! Staying in with some maltesers, a blanket and a DVD is the way to go. A mice little treat to get you through the dreary January evenings….

  6. Helen Says:

    I’m selfishly entering this competition for my dog, Lucy. She loves Maltesers but, being a dog, she’s not allowed to have chocolate- only the honeycomb centre. The best way to remove the chocolate from the centre is to leave the bag in the fridge and then nibble it off, leaving the centre completely intact.
    So, on behalf of Lucy the pooch, I want to win.

  7. Lorraine Weldon Says:

    I need to stay in tonight because I have to get my big toe calibrated!

  8. Audrey Says:

    Well baby it’s cold outside………. what better reason to stay in, all snuggled on the couch with a yummy pack of Maltesers (My guilty pleasure!!)

  9. Jaki Says:

    I have to apply the lice shampoo and i’ve been been putting it off for months

  10. FiFiDee Says:

    Saving for our big day in Sept, so staying in is our new thing! Maltesers wont even affect my dress size as they are so light and yummy…. 😉

  11. Shelly Says:

    It’s the start of the year but it’s lost all the cheer
    It’s not very funny when I have no money!
    The paycheck is spent, don’t know where it went
    Will you help me if I call you honey?! 😉

  12. Niamh Barron Says:

    No mon no fun as they say so its indorrs for me for a while

  13. Gillian Brown Says:

    You must stay indoors as its not much fun when you mix icy paths and 5 inch heels! Ouch!! Your safer to stay indoors, feet up & settle in under the blanket and out of A&E!!

  14. Kat Says:

    I have just painted my nails. I cant smudge them with my gloves and socks! Oh well just going to sit beside the fire and wait until they dry!

  15. Juliet Mooney Says:

    I cannot go out as I am washing my hair…. Oh No sorry wrong reason for the excuse.

    I cannot go out as I won the What She Wears and Maltesers competiton, yes I am cheeky…that’s the real reason I cant go out!!

  16. Lauren Says:

    Its my mum’s birthday coming up next week and we are having a cosy weekend in…… With some bonding over munching malteasers (hopefully)! 😉

  17. Claire Says:

    Damned to stay indoors,
    To study, save and do chores,
    All my friends are working,
    So they don’t even come lurking,
    I’d love some comfy slippers,
    To egnite my little ticker,
    I’d adore some yummy malteasers,
    Oh just tell me I’m your winner?

  18. RekDub Says:

    All you need and more in a packet from! Has perfect night written all over it! :-)

  19. Deirdre Durran Says:

    Burr it’s cold outside.

  20. Nicola Says:

    Well, when the rain is beating down outside, freezing cold and nothing on tv. Malteasers come to the rescue with the perfect movies, blanket to snuggle up in and slippers for the toes. Chocolate Malteasers are just the perfect thing to top it all off for the night!!

  21. Volume&Gloss Says:

    My bank account is empty and I have no one to cuddle at night :(
    And Maltesers are my favourite :)

  22. Karolina Says:

    must stay in cause it is sooo cold outside!and the flu! the flu is lurking outside, so I am curling up on the sofa with a good book/movie and a nice scented candle. the only thing missing, that would make it just perfect – indoor pack from Maltesers!! :)

  23. Audrey Says:

    With my birthday at the weekend, and funds so low no one can go out – what better way to celebrate than getting everyone around to watch DVDs and eat Maltesers galore!Yum Yum!

  24. Amy Says:

    I’d love this, because I do stay in because of this recession, but this would make it extra special.

  25. Marion Bruton Says:

    I just have to stay in and eat those Maltesers – they might ‘go off’ otherwise!!!!!

  26. Roisin Says:

    Its so cold outside and Greys Anatonmy is back on, what more can I say

  27. monica Says:

    I cant think of anything better than to curl up with my man and watch a dvd or two, its better than watching the news

  28. Jane Says:

    Today’s my Mum’s birthday and despite being a movie lover and having a huge DVD collection she never takes the time to relax, sit down and watch one. I booked cinema tickets for this afternoon for my Mum, my Nan and I to see Morning Glory and I’m going to try and convince her to finally sit down this evening and watch a film because she really deserves it (she also loves Malteasers). :)

  29. Rose Says:

    Its freezing outside, I buy a nice bottle of wine and have a glass or two. I dont need to worry about driving home and Im due another viewing of Beaches soon

  30. Niamh Says:

    January has been the longest month and I still wont be paid for 2 weeks!!! I definitely can only afford a night in so the malteasers would be a nice treat to go along with my tap water :-)

  31. Veronica D Says:

    My sister will be coming home from hospital having delievered twins 12 weeks early, her fighting daughter will have to stay in the hospital for another 12 weeks (her little brother didn’t make it) we will be having lots of nights in and I can think of nothing that would help to cheer her up more than having a few girlie nights in with some maltesers and some lighthearted DVDS!!!

  32. Niamh Says:

    There once was a 2 week old babe, 
    Whose mum some Malteasers did crave. 
    Nightly, stuck to her chair
    As babe fed like a bear, 
    Some DVDs off the boredom would stave! 😉

  33. Irene D Says:

    I have to stay in because it wouldn’t be fair to unleash my devastating beauty, charm, intelligence, wit, boundless energy and good spirits on mere mortals who have let themselves be ground down by the weather, the finances, the news etc. I’m simply too kind…

  34. Rosie Says:

    Im due my baby in 18 days, my feet are swollen and I cant waddle very fair so I have not choice but to stay in, I am catching up on all my shows and films though so I have the time

  35. monica stapleton Says:

    Im great at excuses not to go out. I cant afford to go out and its so cold I would much rather change into my pj’s and watch tv. I cant honestly think of anything better

  36. claire Says:

    I love Maltesers, dvds, I do need a blanket for the couch and I need to take a night off

  37. maria Says:

    need to stick to my new year diet…
    must skip the booze,the chips,and the next-morning fry-up…
    maltesers are the lighter way to enjoy friday night and i like it!!

  38. Joan Healy Says:

    Spirits low, finances chronic,
    a Maltesers indoor pack would be the perfect tonic

  39. Katie Says:

    light crisp centres in thick chocolate gowns, Maltesers lift my spirits without weighing me down

  40. Pookie Says:

    Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp – what sorry? Why am I staying in? Oh right – I’m still here. Too busy eating my Maltesers ice-cream and Maltesers chocolate biscuit cake. Great for the personal insulation dontcha know?!

  41. emer Says:

    For me the perfect night is a night in wrapped up in my pjs and slippers, big mug of hot chocolate, facemask, puppy on lap, watching the late late and munching maltesers!!

    My excuse for staying in and not hitting the town – I want to eat my way through january but still not get fat, i think delicious, light and bubbly maltesers might help me with that!

    Great prize – fingers crossed xxx

  42. kathryn Says:

    The coffers are bare
    Have nothing to wear
    Have to stay in
    So please let me win!!!!!!!

  43. caterine buckley Says:

    the new going out is staying in were all doing this malteesers are the lightestway to enjoy chocolate yum yum have i won

  44. marybee Says:

    I just need to mind these tiny defenceless little chocolate coated malt sweets. They could get stolen you know. I will be keeping them safe in the living room, I will just watch this classic movie The Maltese Falcon while I’m there. It’s an onerous task but then I am a martyr to the cause.

  45. Nora Says:

    just like a blanket day, why not a maltesers day, escaping the present enviornment cuts in pay, I just want to stay put, maltesers my last resort.

  46. Evelyn Says:

    A quiet night in with lots of maltesers is just what the doctor ordered!

  47. Angela Says:

    Well my idea of heaven…
    … is tucked up by eleven
    with Maltesers and my slippers
    far away from life’s cribbers
    with DVDs on my TV
    doors locked against my TD
    and a cosy blanket to snuggle under
    bring on the rain and thunder!

  48. Fiona Reilly Says:

    I don’t have to stay in, it isn’t a necessity. But when the reason for staying in is to indulge in two of may favourite pass times: snuggling up under a duvet with my slippers on, watching a DVD and eating Malteesers, how could anyone refuse?! Wait, is that 3 favourite pass times?!

  49. Caroline Says:

    looks fab!

  50. Caroline Says:

    Im saving for my wedding this year so me & the hubbie 2 be are spending alot of our weekends in watching dvds, so this maltesers pack would be a lovely treat :-)

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