Win: Maltesers

January 20, 2011

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Win: Maltesers

It’s January, it’s cold outside and we’re hanging on for payday. So if someone suggests a girl’s night in with all the trimmings, naturally we’re perking up at the notion.

Maltesters® want you to come up with a great excuse to stay in and celebrate the great indoors.

We have THREE great indoor packs to give away to readers; all you have to do is come up with an excuse why you must stay in – post your comment below and we’ll pick the top three next Thursday *

Each Great Indoors prize contains everything you’ll need for your perfect night in including a comfy blanket, cosy slippers, great DVDs and, of course, some delicious Maltesers® to share.

If you don’t win this time, don’t fret as there are tonnes more chances to bag yourself some fantastic prizes.  Simply text MALTESERS to 51500, log on to and fill in the entry form or tune into the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM every morning from Monday 24th until Friday 28th January.

*You must be signed up to our newsletter to be eligible; a resident of Ireland; one entry per person; no cash alternative is possible and the competition will close at 12pm on Thursday 27th January 2011.  The winners will be emailed and announced in our next newsletter.

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82 Responses to “Win: Maltesers”

  1. sinead Says:

    Why to stay in? Its frosty outside, and theres a roaring fire in the sitting room. All the children are sung in their beds. When we stay in we can share a bottle of wine and a share size pack of maltesers and watch a good dvd. We dont have to worry about getting taxi’s home or babysitters.

  2. Linda Says:

    The cold and lack of money from the budget cuts are my perfect excuse to stay in and snuggle up with a good film and a stack of chocolate!

  3. Natalie Says:

    Why? because frankly, though nobody would admit it, staying in is way better than going out!!

  4. Aline Says:

    My goldfish seems very sick. Someone has to look after him…

  5. molly ann Says:

    Maltesers check
    Mad men box set check
    Kids fast asleep check
    Cup of milky tea check

    You could have to drag me kicking and screaming out the door to get off my couch x

  6. ilovelife Says:

    sorry I can’t go out I’m attending the opening of my garage door!

  7. gar Says:

    My palm reader advised against it.

  8. redlass Says:

    Has to be because as it’s -5C, if I went outside, my skin would get all red and dry, my fingers would get numb,my lovely new red heels would have me risking my life on the icy footpaths and anything I bothered to do with my hair would be ruined by my woolly hat. So…the best thing to do would be to get a good fire going, invite my bff over and pour some wine out, mix the malteasers in with the popcorn and put on a Ryan Reynolds dvd. Any one, doesn’t matter.Oh, maybe a Ryan Reynolds double feature…

  9. Katie Says:

    A good book, an electric blanket, hot tea and a packet of maltesers – Stay in and win – well this is where I would begin!!

  10. Ann-Marie Says:

    Unfortunately I have no choice but to stay in after seeing my payslip following the latest tax increase – have to pay the mortgage!

  11. Dorothy R Says:

    The bad weather, the economy and the governement, three very good reasons to stay in!

  12. grainne duffy Says:

    I must stay indoors…i’m so scared….theres a big scary man called captain morgan in the pub up the road and he makes me drink too much spicy rum and ginger ale!….and my new years resolution was to drink less alcohol…now you wouldn’t want to be reponsible for me breaking my new years resolution…would u? :(
    ………i need some willpower and help and a lovely wee pack would be just what the doctor ordered!

  13. Gill shannon Says:

    Yeah a low calorie chocolate treat for January, got no money and am dieting so this could prize would be a treat

  14. Noelle Says:

    I need to be near the Fish as they frett when i’m not on the sofa in the evening lol

  15. linda Says:

    I’m washing my hair!

  16. Clare Boyd Says:

    As a stay at home with 3 young kids, staying in, cuddled up in front of a fire, with a good movie, chocolate and a glass of vino, is way more enticing than getting gussied up and heading out in the cold!

  17. kate lennon Says:

    good friends, a cozy fire anda dvd, why go out at all?!

  18. Siobhain O Driscoll Says:

    I’m so sorry but I can’t come to work today. My throat swelled up and I’ve blisters all over my face since yesterday evening and the doctor said it’s contagious. Now I know he said I should not go to work or come into contact with anyone, but if you really need me let me know!

  19. Damien McGuinness Says:

    Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside

  20. Teresa Says:

    Because my cat looks so comfortable on my lap and I dont want to disturb her :)

  21. Breda Collins Says:

    Breastfeeding my baby who is a big feeder by night so I need extra calories to keep up the supply so send on the maltesers, she loves maltesers milk.We need comfy blanket and slippers to keep us warm and a few dvd’s to entertain us.What a great excuse to stay in

  22. WEndy Keogh Says:

    i am staying in cos I have the biggest flippin anscess on the side of my face & I look like PRincess Fiona from Shrek (and I am talking about when she was a big green ogre)

  23. WEndy Keogh Says:

    sorry that should read abscess

  24. cait Says:

    because the girls have been summonsed over to have a good old girlie rant and rave.. time to let the hair down (literally) relax and over indulge without guilt! plus…maltesers are my fav:)

  25. Suzanne Carey Says:

    lighter and nicer way to stay in! thanks!


  26. Anna Says:

    Good Company, a fire, a good DVD and Maltesers

  27. Siobhan Says:

    I have to stay in because Titanic is on sky movies. I don’t care that I’m missing the free shots drink promotions, or the guest DJ in my local club…I’m staying in with Leonardo DiCaprio. Loserish,but I don’t care 😉

  28. Loretta Says:

    Yummy Maltesers, good chick flick and my boyfriend for pillow.

  29. Karen Says:

    Well im very lazy!! so winning this prize would be a great excuse to tempt the girls over to mine for a night in. I wouldnt even have to leave to get stuff in coz id have the prize…excellent!!

  30. leeann Says:

    I’d like my Mam to put up her tired feet,
    And to munch on as many maltesers as she could possibly eat.
    The two of us could share a giggle watching a dvd,
    And this would be time well spent for her and for me:)

  31. Annemarie Says:

    You are all a witty bunch! Thanks for entering. Winners have been notified by email tonight. The comp is now closed

  32. Nora Says:

    as my sons say mum and her old films, just love something light to eat a glass of wine and have a maltese the night away.

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