White and Metallic Pumpkins – DIY

October 28, 2018

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White and Metallic Pumpkins – DIY


Here are the white and metallic DIY pumpkins I created, with a step by step guide on how to do them yourself. It’s a great activity to do with the little ones while the end result will look chic in your home.  There is a white and gold pumpkin, a white one decorated with pearls, a studded pumpkin, a gold pumpkin and a silver pumpkin.

What you’ll need:

1. Faux pumpkins or polystyrene pumpkins

These polystyrene pumpkins are from Eurogiant (the pound shop) and cost 1.50E each. They also have some in Dealz.

polystyrene pumpkins

2.  Spray paint

This white spray paint is from Woodies (8 euro). I bought two bottles of white, a silver and a gold to do five pumpkins.

white spray paint3. Pearls and thumbtacks

I picked up these pearls and thumbtacks in Eurogiant (1.50e each). I also  bought some gold glitter glue (1.50e).

Painting pumpkins

Next spray the pumpkins in your desired colour. Do this outside – I did it in the garden as the fumes from the spray paint were really strong. These needed two coats of spray paint and I left them a day in between each coat to dry.

spray painting pumpkins

Pumpkin decorating or pumpkin pimping

Now your pumpkins are ready to decorate!

I started with a plain white pumpkin with a gold top and painted the gold in glitter glue. In fact this was great fun to do with my three year old daughter Ruby as she could paint it with supervision. I also ‘speckled’ some of the gold glitter paint around the top of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Decorating


White and pearl pumpkin

The pearls I bought in Eurogiant are stick-on on one side, so we stuck  them in lines down the side of the pumpkin and on top. We initially tried placing the pearls between the ridges but they wouldn’t stick!

white pumpkins


Studded Pumpkin

I created the studded pumpkin with gold thumbtacks. There are also silver thumbtacks in the shops so you can go for a white and silver look too.

To do this, pin lots of thumbtacks around the top of the pumpkin. Then in three places, started pinning them into a ‘V’, first with five in a row, then four in a row, then three in a row, then two and then one.

You can also pin some sides with just one in a row.

white and pearl pumpkin

Gold Pumpkin or silver pumpkin

For the gold and silver pumpkins, I just spray painted each of them in two coats of spray paint. You can also paint the pumpkins with craft paint in silver or gold.

IMG_3098 - Edited


So that’s it, I hope you like them! I’ll keep them indoors until Halloween night when I will scatter them at my front foot alongside some lanterns, ready for the trick or treat-ers.

Happy Halloween!

Anne Marie x

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