Ask the Stylist: Communion

March 20, 2012

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Ask the Stylist: Communion

My daughter is making her First Holy Communion this year, and I haven’t a clue as to what should I wear.  I’m a young mum (30) and I just had a baby a couple of weeks ago so my figure is a bit bigger than usual . I haven’t a clue as to what would be appropriate so… any ideas? 

With communion and confirmation season just around the corner, your question is very timely. The same type of outfit suits both a communion and a confirmation.

The “rules”

Just as the rule for “you can’t wear white to a wedding” comes into play at weddings, unfortunately there is communion and confirmation etiquette to adhere to too.

This is not a place for short hemlines on dresses or skirts nor for showing off cleavage (imagine trying to cover yourself up from the bishop when you go up and greet him as guardian in the case of a confirmation?).

The same goes for cocktail dresses and bare arms are out too –don’t wear anything strapless or too revealing.

Communions,  although not cocktail or wedding attire, are still quite dressy. Mums dress up for this and usually turn to boutiques which have matching seperates or modest pieces from the high street.

Day dress with a jacket or coat

A day dress with matching cardigan or jacket is a good option. At the the upper end  of the scale  Louise Kennedy has a beautiful collection this summer, you can see all the dresses here.

Otherwise check Zara for a Chanel style boxy or “boucle” jacket which are always elegant and in style and can be worn with jeans and a tshirt after the event.  You could wear either of these styles over a black dress  – both €99 and online here.


Monsoon have lovely outfits too (see dress pictured), try an empire line (cut for the bust) to hide a yummy tummy and as with any outfit, be sure to wear a pair of shapewear! Monsoon also do skirts with matching cardigans/tops/jackets which is also a good option for a communion.

A day dress with a coat  also appropriate, as the weather here can often play havoc if youre planning on just a dress on its own. For example,  if you choose the pink dress I’d get a black coat or if you chose the navy dress I’d get a cream or white coat – both very elegant combinations.

Shift dresses also hide a multitude of sins including “ jelly bellies”. The key trick is some shapewear to smooth and hide everything – Spanx is good (Arnotts, Clearys and Brown Thomas) but if not, Marks and Spencers do good shapewear.

Another option is a wrap dress.  I love the wrap dresses at Ingenue (circa €99) which has styles like the one Kate Middleton wore for her engagement (the pepita dress).


This all sounds very strict but by wearing accessories, you can show off your personal style. A multi strand necklace (if you’ve a mono coloured outfit) or some nice earrings will do the trick– but don’t get experimental.

And finally, I hope you find the outfit of your dreams and have a great “first communion”.

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6 Responses to “Ask the Stylist: Communion”

  1. CC Says:

    Great article. No 1 daughter’s communion in May so this question has been on my mind.
    Communion season getting into full swing in our Kids Shoe Shop in Drumcondra. While we don’t have shoes for mums, theres a good selection for girls in white and ivory, satin or leather and we haven’t fogotten the boys.

  2. Catherine Buckley Says:

    my sister in law had commion day on sat she dressed her self for that day in pennys long floral dress and brown and gold sandles cream cardigian for under 30 euros clothes were fab pennys do a great line in fashion and very cheep

  3. caterine buckley Says: also do great dresses and bags very cheep also

  4. ash p Says:

    I bought myself an outfit but its ivory. But it`s very elegant, goes below the knee and is fitted and has a matching bolero and i have silver shoes. Do you think it will be ok to wear for my daughter`s Communion?I thought it might be ok because its not white and maybe ivory is ok?

  5. Annemarie Says:

    hi Ash, though not the same as a wedding, all white or variations of white are sometimes seen as “iffy” for these occasions. Your outfit and shoes sound lovely but I would try to introduce a pop of colour into it via accessories – a belt and handbag or scarf – to take the attention away from the ivory. If you were willing to swap out the bolero for a smart blazer in a bright colour, it would look lovely. Zara has some fabulous blazers at the moment see Or you could try a smart black blazer with your dress to work the monochrome look (again from Zara, there’s one called “Blazer with pockets” which looks like a modern Chanel style)

  6. Lorraine Says:

    Can you wear a black dress to a communion in the summer

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