What She Wears: On Yer Bike

April 25, 2011

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What She Wears: On Yer Bike

Living in a city, driving can be stressful and so the introduction of Dublin Bikes to our city streets has given us a green ‘n’ chic way to get around.

Taking the biking trend one step further, with tax incentivised bike scheme (where the Government gives you money towards buying a bike) we found this season’s must-have accessory in the form of these “Dutch” style bicycles from www.thisoldbike.ie

The perfect sartorial solution for behind-the-wheel blues, these bikes (€420) are stylish and new yet have a vintage look to them. Choose from a handful of colours including pale green, hot pink, cobalt blue and leopard print for the really racy amongst you.

So now that we’ve found the perfect accessory, what do we wear when cycling?  The biggest style dilemma is figuring out what to do with your handbag while pedalling along. The solution? Pop on a wicker basket (€65) or wear a cross body bag or satchel.

High heels are not very practical for cycling (even if you are Olivia Palermo, pictured) so just wear your bike with flat shoes and a helmet and hit the streets in style!

What do you wear cycling?

Image of Olivia Palermo, The Sartorialist

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4 Responses to “What She Wears: On Yer Bike”

  1. Orla Says:

    Don’t ever put a good bag or anything you’re not willing to loose in your basket. The first bump you hit will send it flying out- I have been that soldier trying to rescue lipgloss or a phone from an oncoming car after hitting a ramp at a higher speed than was safe – the cross body bag is definitely the best option!

  2. Metro Chica Says:

    I have a Dutch bike too from the brand Creme Cycles and I love it! It comes with a basket but I’m in the process of fitting that with a spring trap to keep my stuff more secure – as per the comment above, one bump and all your belongings go flying! Clothes wise, I tend to stick to skinny jeans or peg leg/crop trousers and flat shoes. Might risk a skirt soon!

  3. Aoifs Says:

    Love this bike. Ditto on the heels – I’ve ruined heels (paint, scratch marks) by cycling with them – just wish there was a solution to cooler head gear…unfortunately I’m not willing to compromise on the helmet for the sake of fashion as I cycle through Dublin’s city centre and have witnessed a few crazy cyclist and driver episodes!

  4. Annemarie Says:

    Great advice ladies, thanks. I hadn’t realised that baskets were so bumpy!

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