Ask the Stylist: Wedding Guest

February 27, 2013

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Ask the Stylist: Wedding Guest

Can you help me please? I am not long after having a baby and have a wedding soon.  Can you please tell me how to accessorise this dress as I’m out of the loop for so long I’m a bit lost! Should I keep it plain no earrings or bracelet and just nude shoes? Is it wedding appropriate? Natalie, via Facebook.

If it’s not a black tie wedding, yes the dress is definitely appropriate. The cobalt blue colour is simply fabulous! Here are three ways to accessorise it.

Look 1

For a funky look – wear these ankle boots and bracelet:

1. Ankle booties – Aldo £44.99 (€52 approx)

2. Cuff – Karen Millen £55 (€64 approx)

Look 2

For a more tailored look – these shoes and clutch will be just perfect:

3. Zara shoes €39.95

4. Coast clutch £50 /€58 approx

Look 3

For a dressier look , try these shoes and earrings:

5. Eily O’Connell earrings at Style Tonic

6. Zara shoes €69.95

Enjoy the wedding!

  – AnnMarie Proudfoot is a personal stylist over at


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3 Responses to “Ask the Stylist: Wedding Guest”

  1. Wedbie Says:

    I will choose look no. 1. Or maybe I’ll just lose the cuff. Simple is good.

  2. AnnMarie Says:

    Good choice, glad we could help!

  3. Danielle Says:

    Where is this dress from??

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