Spree Vs Steal: Watches

April 14, 2009

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Spree Vs Steal: Watches

It seems to be that the accessory du jour is a watch and to be even more specific, a man’s watch.

Nina Garcia, Elle magazine editor and judge on TV programme Project Runway claims that one of her key fashion accessories is a man’s watch. The masculine watch is strong and sexy in a power dressing kind of way.

Sienna Miller wore a man’s gold Rolex in the whatshewears.ie March Muse of the Month article.  Ashley Olsen, (pictured) is also a fan. We wonder whether her mans watch is a Rolex or the steal version from Urban Outfitters who have a great lookalike version?

From asking our closest friends, some girls think that their wrists are too small to be borrowing their fathers or brothers watches.  Hence, this Spree versus Steal edition goes for a “daintier” man’s watch so to speak.  This is best epitomised in the form of the Chanel quartz watch pictured.


The Chanel quartz watch is an all time, classic investment piece at the whopping price of €2,406.  The white, chic watch looks great in summer with a tan.



Fossil have a dead ringer for the Chanel style ceramic watch which will  cost you €33 /£170 at House of Fraser.

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