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Spring Clean? How to wardrobe weed

December 12, 2013

Daily Digest

Spring Clean? How to wardrobe weed

Pack away your winter clothes

It’s nearly time to pack your winter clothes away – in my case it’s necessary to make room for my spring summer gear. My wardrobe is tiny so if I don’t pack one season’s wear away it would be impossible to find anything!

Make sure the clothing that you’re packing away is washed and ironed and left ready to air and wear once you unpack it next year. The previous season’s wear should be packed away from view –  and not necessarily in your wardrobe space either.

While you’re at it you may want to clean out your wardrobe. You may need to assign a full day to this procedure which I call “wardrobe weeding”.

Wardrobe weeding

The first step is to try everything on. Then go through your wardrobe piece by piece, separating things into four categories: keep, give away, throw out, and swap/sell.


Naturally you should keep the clothes that you wear most often. The old rule of thumb still stands; if you haven’t worn anything in the past 18 months, then it should go into one of the other piles! Keep anything that needs repair, or any investment pieces/designer items that you’ve bought, as these may well come back into fashion again.

Throw away

Throw out anything that is damaged or stained beyond repair. If it has holes, rips or has become discoloured, then toss it!

Give away

All the procrastination about “I’ll wear it when I lose a stone” should be tackled head on now by doing away with inexpensive stuff that simply doesn’t fit you.

Also, give away the clothes that you don’t wear anymore including jackets/coats, shoes, trousers/jeans and T-shirts. Your local charity shop will appreciate it (once it’s clean and not in the throw away category!).

Swap or sell

This is your chance to free up some valuable wardrobe space by swapping those shoes that really don’t fit you, those expensive 7 for all mankind jeans you no longer wear and anything else that you consider “good” and you no longer wear. We’ve compiled a list of swap shops, designer consignment shops and rail sales around Ireland  for you.

Put on your thrifty hat and sell any designer wear that no longer fits on EBay. There’s also a string of charity shops, and second hand designer shops which will sell your clothes for you (list to follow). Put any money earned there towards a new investment piece!


Don’t forget to “weed” your drawers too. Toss out the white underwear which has gone grey in the wash. No donating, swapping or selling underwear either unless you’ve never worn it or you think its super-worthy of giving away.

Now that you’ve everything in four piles, return everything from the Keep category back to your wardrobe. Arrange your clothes by colour and category into, for example: tops, dresses, outerwear (coats/jackets), blazers/suit jackets and trousers.

Even though you may dream of one day having a walk-in wardrobe (like the one  BIG had made for Carrie in Sex and the City), at least you’ll never waste time looking for your clothes again. The best thing to have in your wardrobe is space.

The result? A cleaner, tidier wardrobe where you’ll now find things you wear quickly due to an amazing categorising system! Yay!

Images of Carrie trying on her clothes and Carrie’s wardrobe, both from the SATC film.

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16 Responses to “Spring Clean? How to wardrobe weed”

  1. Mis jo-jo Says:

    I find that the best way to save space when packing away those clothes, if you really
    don’t want to do a severe trinny+Susannah on it, is to buy those vacum seal bags. They are specially made to pack the clothes in and use a Hoover to suck all the air out. Result is a tiny sealed bag, no air so no room for damp or mould, and heaps more space in the wardrobe. Can be bought in most department stores.

    Otherwise do the swap a Frock party, where good friends get together, and swap clothes,
    designer item in exchange for designer item, or just plain old swapping, after it’s amongst friends !!

  2. Helen Earley Says:

    Big advice for storing wool items: jumpers, hats etc… It may seem obvious, but WASH them first. This year I came across a box of winter hats etc. in my loft that had been left there for two winter seasons. They were infested with moths. It was pretty disgusting- and of course, most of my lovely hats and scarves were ruined. I did some research and some more tips are:
    Air out stored clothes every six months- just take them out and give them a shake.
    Moths hate light.
    Cedar balls do not kill moths- the smell simply repels them
    Moth balls (the really smelly kind) are dangerous to children and pets- highly poisonous… but they work!

    Otherwise, don’t ask me about closet organising- I am hording several pairs of jeans from 1995 (I may fit into them again ONE day!)

  3. Fiona Says:

    I find those plastic bags left in the post-box by charity collectors are a great way to get rid of last-season’s Penney’s haul. All those too-small ballerina pumps and impulse winter coats get a chance to be re-incarnated, without the effort of you having to drag them down to the local charity shop.

  4. Angela Says:

    A good way to follow helen’s advice above is to air those packed away summer clothes before next summer by going on a sun holiday in Feb!!

  5. orla Says:

    Just a word of warning on the charity bags that come in your door. Most of these are not charities and are money making schemes for the people who run them. If there is no CHY number, they they are not registered in Ireland. There is new legislation in force since Sept 1st regarding charities and unfortunately a lot of very legitimate Irish organisations are suffering from these cowboys.
    Why not support your local charity shop instead and be sure that the money raised will stay in your local area?

  6. Whatshewearsannemarie Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Orla, I didn’t know that as I’m sure some our readers didn’t. I’ll only use genuine charity registered bags for clearouts from now on

  7. Susan Says:

    A great swapping website is Also there is a new shop in Cork City (and one coming soon in Dublin) where you get 50% cash back for whatever the item is re-sold at, Pre Loved Boutique

  8. Kellyanne Says:

    The Pre-loved Boutique is located on Maylor Street in Cork opposite Smyths and they are always on the look out for high street/designer clothes/shoes and accessories in good condition.

  9. ThatGirl39 Says:

    Oh god I love a good wardrobe edit – I am the jedi master of this art! And I CANNOT wait to get out my summer clothes. Fantastic post and I think you may have inspired me to get on with it this weekend! x

  10. Annemarie Says:

    Oh great, go for it! Hope it’s a successful, productive weekend. Unfortunately over here in Ireland, even though you get out your summer clothes, you always have to be prepared and carry a brolly in your bag or have your Mac at hand ‘cos of the rain :(

  11. Mags Says:

    hi i do the above at least twice a year. i love when the seasons change and you take out the new seasons clothes, most of them you forgot you even have. on Good Friday i had a big “beauty” cull and threw out all half used dust covered pots of hair stuff and body lotions i never use. i merchandised my dressing table and bathroom and washed all my make up brushes, very catharic !

  12. Annemarie Says:

    Sounds very cleansing alright Mags, wish I could be so organised with my makeup! well done

  13. angela B Says:

    Good refresher!! I may send to my club as supplementary evedience. A

  14. Dee Says:

    I am printing this off and using it to help me do my much needed clear out this weekend!

  15. Annemarie Says:

    @Dee do it!


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