Vitamins & Health Supplements – What I Take

December 18, 2012

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Vitamins & Health Supplements – What I Take


One of the things I end up buying frequently are vitamins and supplements, so I thought I’d share the tips, tricks and tit bits that I’ve picked up over the years from various gym instructors and health care professionals.

My journey started when I used to have lots of digestion problems. My diet was awful (at the time I lived in Spain), didn’t eat much fruit or veg and lived on diet coke, cigarettes, fried tapas and wine. Needless to say I was “clogged up” and only “went to the loo” every third or fourth day. Sounds disgusting I know but for optimum health, one should be going to the loo every day. This is what I learned when I started to remedy my situation.

What followed were visits to a naturopath (may I recommend the Discovery Wellness Centre in Raheny Shopping Centre) where I underwent a series of colonics over a few weeks and nutrition consultations where I  received lots of tips for improving my sluggish bowel.

These included eating fibre (I now have porridge religiously every morning), drinking lots of water (1-2 L a day), eating fruit and vegetables and introducing Flaxseed into my diet (I buy Linwood’s Milled Organic Flaxseed and add a tablespoon when cooking porridge).

Fruit first thing

I also learned from my good friend Olive who, while studying to be a nutritionist, advised that fruit should only ever be eaten on its own.  I was wondering why I was always “gassy” if I had fruit after a meal!  Fruit digests quicker than any other food so should be eaten first thing in the morning, 20 minutes ahead of any other food.  Since Olive’s tip, I now eat a half a grapefruit or some fresh pineapple on its own first thing in the morning, have my shower and then have my porridge. Truth be told it has worked wonders for me in the digestion department!

Other vitamins and minerals I take are:

Omega 3 Fish Oil

My mother used to give me cod liver oil by the tablespoon growing up (yuck!) but these days I view fish oil in a different light. It’s great “brain food” and I learned from a gym instructor that Omega 3 tablets are great for burning tummy fat especially getting rid of that spare tyre! So, alongside trying to fit in some running during the week, I take 3 Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules a day (1000 mg, €9.99 in Tesco).

Vitamin C

As anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or stick to a fitness programme, most gym instructors and Weight Watchers ban alcohol as it’s full of sugar and fat and undoes any exercise you do at the gym. I am a sucker for wine and have never gone “cold turkey” for the sake of fighting the bulge but have managed, only recently, to cut down on it midweek.  I do “indulge” on the weekend and my gym instructor gave me a great tip for getting back on track after a boozy night out – Effervescent Vitamin C tabs.

I take 2 in 1 litre of water in the morning and another batch of the same in the afternoon and although you do wee a lot, it flushes out all the alcohol and bad fats from your system. The same gym instructor recommends combining this with a run to sweat out all the toxins. (Rubex Effervescent Vitamin C, 1000 mg, or Tesco own brand Effervescent Vitamin C, 1000 mg. Just make sure you’re taking the 1000 mg dosage not the 500 mg). The run rarely happens but I do end up buying a lot of Effervescent Vitamin C tabs as a result!

Vitamin A

Once or twice a year, I will buy a bottle of Vitamin A tablets and have one a day until the bottle has been used up. It’s great for glowing skin and for hair and nail growth and my go-to health shops are Nourish and Holland and Barrett, who also sell Vitamin A online.

Agnus Castus by A. Vogel

Recommended by my naturopath if you are PMT,  a few drops of Agnus Castus in water take the edge off and help you feel less emotional! €10.49 in pharmacies.

Echinaforce, by A. Vogel

These resistance drops are great if you are feeling run down, they really do act as a resistance against colds and flues.  Add 15-20 drops to water, 3 times a day. €10.49 in chemists nationwide.


I also swear by Gillian McKeith’s You Are What You Eat book – which details which vitamins, supplements, fruits and vegetables improve different aspects of your well being. I’ve had it for years and always refer back to it.

Are there any vitamins or supplements you take or recommend?

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