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Versace for H&M Lands in Ireland

November 18, 2011

Ask The Stylist

Versace for H&M Lands in Ireland

And so it landed yesterday at 9am.

WhatSheWears went along to H&M South King Street to see what others thought of the collection and if there would be the same fashion frenzy that ensued for the H&M Lanvin and Jimmy Choo collaborations.

There were 100 shoppers gathered outside the store, some there since 6am and one girl, Michelle Walsh who was first in the door, had queued all night. We were there to greet her when she emerged with her purchase (a multi coloured leopard print bomber jacket) before she dashed off for an interview in Brown Thomas.

Determined to get their hands on the designer collaboration, staff let them in in groups of twenty, for twenty minutes at a time so by the time we got in, there wasn’t much left.

None of the leather jackets or fur gilets which we’d liked were to be seen, with only signature print jackets and scarves in blue, green and yellow left, which were just too Donatella for our liking. We would’ve bought one of their cool cushion covers had they been there, but the homeware side of the collection never reached Dublin.

There were plenty of happy shoppers though.

Erica Finnegan was determined to get her hands on a choker, but alas staff wouldn’t sell it to her as it was on a mannequin, so she settled for a bomber jacket instead. She’s going back for the choker today though, on a promise that they’ll take it off the mannequin.

Ciaran Mac Lanky was annoyed that there was no men’s collection in the South King Street store whatsoever, despite men’s, women’s and home ware being promised. He settled for a scarf while his friend, fashion blogger Leanne Woodfull only wanted one thing, a pair of signature print leggings.

This won’t be the collaboration that we’ll remember most for wearable pieces so roll on the next one; with  Tom Ford we hope!

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9 Responses to “Versace for H&M Lands in Ireland”

  1. mis jo-jo Says:

    Well I bought a sequined top – only to model for my friends and they didnt like so its going back :(

    However I did get one of their very cool Verscace Print suit/dress bags (for free with purchase I might add) – guaranteed to cause a stir when I next book my boutqiue hotel break :) or just going up with some dresses to the dry cleaners more like it !!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    I love the sound of it! causing a stir indeed

  3. Leanne Woodfull Says:

    Ooooh, there’s me! Love the pic :) Thanks!

  4. mis jo-jo Says:

    Actually – was thinking this morning – there is a nice bit material in it.. may get it refashioned into a top !!

  5. Anita Says:

    I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the items, and I thought they were a bit overpriced. I was also at H&M South King Street yesterday, but didnt buy anything. I think the items will soon look very dated – but that’s just my opinion.

    Previous H&M collaborations such as Sonia Rykiel were defintely better value for money

  6. Patrick Says:

    H&M never cease to surprise. Pity they don’t have a store with a men’s department in the West of Ireland. Always have to travel to see their wares.

  7. Annemarie Says:

    Patrick -I’m sorry to report that it seems that the menswear didn’t make it to Ireland AT ALL! and the website crashed with everyone trying to buy it online which doesn’t help your cause. Mark Ronson is the only one I’ve seen in the pink suit to date – very brave

  8. Annemarie Says:

    Anita – yep these collaborations are usually always overpriced unfortunately. I missed the Sonia Rykiel one myself :(

  9. Annemarie Says:

    Hey Leanne – Pity I only had my iPhone on my for that photo, the quality isn’t that good but I hope everyone got the picture

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