Hair Trend We Like: Valentino plait

May 29, 2012

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Hair Trend We Like: Valentino plait

Pictured left Scarlett Johansson Pictured right: Valentino SS12

We’ve always loved a good plaited up-do here at WhatSheWears – from Jennifer Aniston’s side plait at The Oscars to full on Heidi plaits.

And now the plait seen on the Valentino spring summer 12 runway is the up-do of choice from Scarlett Johansson at the London premiere of the film Marvel Avengers Assemble to Mia Wasikowska last week at Cannes.

Taken with Instagram

A week before Scarlett was spotted on the red carpet, WhatSheWears popped along to the Better Fashion Week pop up shop to get my hair and makeup done by Brown Sugar (who were sponsoring Better Fashion Week).

My sister Noreen came too, and the hair stylist from Brown Sugar set to work creating the plait on her tresses.  For anyone who follows WhatSheWears on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you’ll have already seen the up-do but here it is again up close.

To get this look

1) show these pictures to your hairdresser. It looks better messy so wear it for a couple of days if you can.


2. Follow this “Milk Maid braid” tutorial by the girls over at The Beauty Department (as recommended by one of our readers!)

3. For the cheat version, you can buy the plait in Penney’s for €2 and Hairspray for €10 and wear as a hairband or clip it into your hair.

Do you like this hairstyle?

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