Ugg Boots. Rate them or Slate them?

November 30, 2009

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Ugg Boots. Rate them or Slate them?

It’s cold outside and as we reach for our winter boots, we’re wondering, if you, dear reader are reaching for your Uggs?

Eva Longoria is a fan, wearing them continually on set as are Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson and Lily Allen.

And it’s not just Hollywood celebs and British singers  who adore these cosy boots – I couldn’t believe the amount of yummy drummies and girls hanging around the country’s shopping centres wearing big hair, too much make up, an Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie and a pair of Ugg boots. They are like clones of each other.

Ugg boots don’t come cheaper either – the original Ugg Australia brand which hit Ireland circa 2006, costs €220 and upwards, with new styles like the Ugg Cardy Knitted Boot gracing the shops this year for €140.

Personally I don’t like them AT ALL (I think there’s an UG in the spelling of them for a reason), but I’ve heard that they are really warm and cosy for the coldest winter days.

Please give us your opinion… Ugg boots, do you rate them or slate them?

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43 Responses to “Ugg Boots. Rate them or Slate them?”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    Was never a fan of the look. HOWEVER, on a cold morning like today, I’m seriously tempted to convert and I do like the cardi knitted one I’ve seen around. They are definitely practical in terms of warmth but I presume you can’t wear them in the the rain which in Ireland can be a bit hard to avoid!

    Maybe I’ll get a pair and use as an expensive pair of slippers!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    I think that’s what a lot of people do – wear them around the house. Yeah the knitted ones look cool but impractical

  3. Freya Says:

    UGGS now do ear muffs too, now that, I am a fan of!

  4. Heather Says:

    UGGS are so cosy in the mornings and they keep the rain out but never ever wear them with an Abercrombie hoody! Classy and relaxed, they’re a great way to relieve your feet after a working week in heels! Love the site, I am addicted. Thanks!

  5. jaki Says:

    ugg boots are comfy and look cool ,as a day wear,,great way to dress down and still look cool,,,,but not for heading out on a night out,,,,keep the heels for night,,, uggs for day,,,

  6. Annemarie Says:

    Great to see some pro Ugg peeps!

  7. Aoifs Says:

    I think I’m being won over by the Ugg brigade. Especially after the biting cold of this morning. Christmas list contender methinks!

  8. Annemarie Says:

    Will pass your wishes on to Santy!

  9. Emma Says:

    omg they are the comfiest things ever but they are totally beyond tacky!!

  10. Laura Says:

    they are the comfiest things ever created. BUT they are for casual wear only and should never make it through the doors of a pub.

  11. Pookie Says:

    I am torn…. comfy, cosy and casual… yet also the epitomy of the Drummies.

  12. Olive Says:

    Love ’em. One of my favourite wardrobe items for Ireland weather. A must for winter dress dowm day wear. Cosy, warm, comfy and come in lots of colours!

  13. cleansheets Says:

    I am a big fan of comfort and warmth, but I hate the the way they seem to make everyone look like they walk on the inside of their shoes after a while, maybe the genuine uggs don’t do that, I have seen EMU brand ones here in Tralee. Any reports good or bad or does it have to be the real thing?
    I did treat myself to these wool clogs as slippers this winter and they have a proper sole so I have been known to nip to the shop in them, usually under the cover of darkness! As they are made of wool felt they are super cosy. I would give them 5 stars and I think the design is cute too.

  14. catriona Says:

    I resisted Uggs for years but did buy real ones for my daughters aged 11, 9 and 7. Then one very cold day recently borrowed my eldest daughters cardie ones and have now bought a pair for myself as she wanted her back. sooo warm and cosy!! I’m 47 and not sure if I look like mutton!!

  15. lu Says:

    I think they are awful looking, they look like someone cut the feet off a bear and threw them on their feet. i don’t care how cold it is, there is no excuse for them. anyone whos serious about their style wouldn’t wear them.

  16. Emer Mc Says:


    I ordered a pair of Ugg boots from Australia & they were over half the price of the ones in BT. Check out the website The shipping was about €16. I love my Ugg boots!

  17. Annemarie Says:

    I’m not sure about Emu’s, as in I dont know anyone who has them, but as with Uggs, they are austrialian, who seem to know how to make their sheepskin boots. Cleansheets, you are ahead of the pack as the people over at Vogue predict that clogs will be big next Spring!

  18. cleansheets Says:

    To be fair, I think WSW was ahead of me as I think I read about clogs being up and coming here before I bought them. Not sure if I will indulge for wearing in public though!

  19. Leon Jackson Says:

    I purchased my UGG boots a year ago and wear them virtually everyday. I find them so comfortable and snug. I need some more!

  20. Molly Farrell Says:

    Thanks for the fantastic post – I had fun reading it! I always enjoy looking at your blog. :)

  21. ann Says:

    WOW!!! Emu boots attract me always, Yes, Emu boots makes very sexy shoes

  22. Annemarie Says:

    FYI Cleansheets, I was informed by “an UGG expert” that it’s the non genuine Ugg Boots that make you look like you’re walking on the inside of your shoes!

  23. carl Says:

    Nothing more revolting to a guy than seeing a pair of uggs on a girl during the summer. Do some people never take them off? Smelly… people wearing them in summer killed it, now I just associate them visually and mentally to a fetid hot summers day, ugh
    Novelty ie cuteness factor is long over, to be worn rarely after the fad has died and never right now and only in winter

  24. Annemarie Says:

    Great to see a guys opinion!

  25. Su Says:

    I have a pair of Turquoise uggs. Got them in N.Y 2 years ago. I love them to bits! They are not tacky at all. In fact, these pair got zips on the side, so they fit like a glove! I still get people coming up to me on the street and ask where I bought them. :)

  26. Annemarie Says:

    Brand new chocolate brown tall Uggs for sale, size 6, €150! A guy at work bought his wife a pair of tall Uggs for her bday – but being the man he is, he bought the wrong size :-), if any of you are interested, he will sell them for €150 – normal price for these Uggs in Schuh is €268…. so saving over 100 euro

    They’re size 6 and genuine Uggs, in pristine condition

    Queries to

  27. trisha Says:

    kept me safe in the ice ,non slip, but not too nice to look at,but comfy and safe

  28. dannii Says:

    lovee loveee loveee uggs
    realli couldn live with out them there great 😀
    i dont c y ant 1 hates thum

  29. Camilla Says:

    I think like many they are great for snuggling up in, or for me when you are driving long distances and travelling alot between countries, they are much needed before i change into heels. Also especially with the weather we have being getting i love mine. I do not see them as fashionable but they aid me greatly in the above mentioned :)

  30. Annemarie Says:

    I’ve seen quite a few people in airports/on planes wearing UGGs alright.

  31. Carl Says:

    After my earlier post having wandered onto this site quite by accident while following a news link on the best dressed lady at Puncherstown, I’ve been carefully observing ugg behaviour.
    Originally the ideal was a cute girlfriend welcoming you to her log cabin in a snowy resort with a big roaring hearth whilst looking cute wearing Uggs, tight jeans and a flannel woodsmans shirt. Very american, this original impression can still be made on weekends in a homely or holiday setting. Soft materials to make you look soft and cute.
    While skiing, I saw two girls out at a pub who’d nailed this idea. Both were wearing clean, newm pristine Uggs paired with white Arran wool knit mid thigh length dresses, sooo hugable and cute and their good looks were enhanced five fold. Of course you wanted to take them home.
    However no Irish girl seems to know what to do with them, Uggs generally are worn dirty and soiled, more like hagred the unwashed anf flea ridden Viking and are worn with anything without fashion. Most girls seem to believe they are ok to wear to work. I have yet to see a single cute look with Uggs in Dublin, not that Irish girls have much fashion seanse outsidr of Friday nights. In Russia, poor girls dress fashionably to go to work and look sexy even in wet or icy winter weather wearing 6 inch heeled boots and fur jackets. Italians are always sleekly attired, the French have chic, Irish despite their high salaries look like tramps?? A nice fitted coat perhaps, not so hard to find… Sadly most Irish girls will continue to wear their Uggs through the sweltering heat of summer yet again, filthy. Some people should just be banned from wearing them. At least the Drummies. though an Irish equivalent of the Stepford Wives are generelly the best at the look and would look cute if they cleaned their Uggs, had variety in their wardrobe and didn’t look like a scarry cookie cutter cult, lol. Louis Vuitton have just released really nice ugg type boots in some really nice pallettes. Please don’t kill these too. I did see a cute girl in black Ugg type shoes, if not for the Uggs I may have flirted with her, lol. Good luck with the noughties version of the dirty runner brigade.

  32. Annemarie Says:

    wow Carl, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Uggs with us!

  33. Pamela KIely Says:

    I have to say I absolutely hate the look of ugg boots, there is no style or class to them at all but after the cold weather again I think I too am being won over … just for the warmth I may add

  34. Fairydust Says:

    Just to clarify….UGGs were made in Austrailia, therefore they are suitable to wear in the summer. Real UGGs are meant to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

  35. F Marie Says:

    I have a pair hidden in my wardrobe from 5 years ago, which I recently ended up pimping with leopardskin teddybear fur for a cavegirl fancy dress outfit. I think that was probably their most stylish moment.
    Yes they are comfortable but they do nothing for your legs apart from shortening them and widening your ankles, not to mention what they do to your posture.
    Why wear anything with such trashy mass appeal either?

  36. RayRay Says:


    if you insist on wearing them please stay at home so the rest of us don’t have to be visually offended

  37. RayRay Says:

    ha!just spotted su’s comment about her turquoise uggs that are ‘not tacky at all’. god bless you su…really.

  38. Kris Says:

    I personally prefer Emu… especially as it is actually Australian owned. Ugg is owned by an American company – Deckers Outdoor Corporation. I am on my second pair of Emus. I originally wasn’t enthralled with the Ugg style, but then I broke my foot and needed a pair of slip on shoes for a snowy winter… and became a complete convert to Emus!

  39. Kerryn Says:

    Kris, you are spot on. UGG Australia is an American owned brand. Having the word Australia in the name is simply a marketing tool. Also, ugg is a generic term (like a stileto or a flip flop) for sheepskin boots in Australia. EMU is an Australia owned and based company who only use the best quality Australian sheepskin (unlike the others…) And get this – now EMUs sheepskin boots are are all water resistant! It’s amazing, water just beads off the boot and doesn’t stain them! I love my EMUs. I’ve had UGG before but I am def converted now. They really are better quality and they cost less!! Don’t be a sheep (excuse the pun), give them a try – you won’t want to take them off!

  40. paris Says:

    im with you kris! EMU boots are AMAZING! i wore uggs for years and am now a converted emu lover! they are so comfy and keep their shape really well. you also dont get that horrible roll over happening in the heel like i used to get with uggs. i have converted everyone i know onto emu boots, we love them!

  41. nkk Says:

    yea i agree with all you emu lovers, dont waste your time and money on ugg they are really bad in so many ways. It will be only a matter of time before they are going to take over here in ireland, because of our weather conditions the water resistence quality they have is a big plus. i get mine in greystones in the meridian point shopping centre.


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