Travelling with a Baby

April 10, 2016

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Travelling with a Baby

Some people dread packing for a holiday (I’ve some tips on holiday packing holiday packing tips) but it reaches a whole new level when you travel with a baby, or so I discovered.

At Christmas we went to visit Ruby’s grandparents and family in New Zealand.  First off, she had a whole suitcase to herself (both Mr M. and I only had a carry-on suitcase each). Luckily the airline allows ones to take the baby stroller and car seat as part of our luggage, at no extra charge.

Plane tickets for a baby

Gone are the days when baby flew for free,for long haul flights, a plane ticket for a baby costs 10% of an adult fare.

Baby bassinet on Emirates

Baby bassinet on Emirates

Book a baby bassinet

First things first, I didn’t know anything about this subject and how important it is to have a bassinet for your baby to sleep in whilst on a flight.  I got some great tips from Travelling with a Baby (she was really helpful on Twitter too!)

We flew with Emirates and their policy is that if the child is under 11 months/under 10kgs, you can have a baby bassinet which is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis (I thought this was upon when it’s booked, but I found out when I flew that it’s allocated upon check-in so get checked-in early to ensure you get one). If you don’t get one, the baby is on your lap for a very long time- Dublin-Dubai-Sydney-Auckland in our case-thank Goodness we got a bassinet and Ruby actually slept it in for hours at a time.

They also give everyone travelling with a baby, a little pouch of baby essentials which included a bib, wipes, a spoon and some baby lotion and they have free baby push chairs in Dubai and other stopovers which you can use in transit.

Bottles of milk

Luckily the usual 100ml limit for flights don’t apply to baby bottles and you can prepare your baby’s bottle up to its usual amount and bring the bottles with you on the flight. They have a special scanner for this at the airport security. I also brought a stash of pre prepared milk in cartons which I refilled the bottles with on the plane and on the stopovers – in our case the SMA 2. These were a saviour really! So were Ella’s Kitchen pouches of pre-parepared organic food which I picked up in Tesco.

For flying, I ditched the baby bag for a backpack- it’s much easier when travelling as you don’t have ‘hands or arms’ for shoulder bags.

Phil and Teds portable high chair

Ruby’s using a Phil and Teds portable high chair

Baby equipment

Car seat. Airlines allow you to bring one. Car seats are a must if you’re renting a car. You can read about my car seat choice, a Phil and Teds’s Alpha, here.

Baby high chair: Obviously we couldn’t fit our baby high chair but luckily our kiwi friends loaned us a Phil & Ted’s phil and teds Lobster, which is a fab portable high chair. We used it camping at the beach attached to a picnic table, at Grandma’s attached to her kitchen table and brought it everywhere we stayed. It’s takes up no space at all (when I think of the amount of space of our huge Mamas and Papas high chair takes up  at home!) and it is so inclusive, as baby gets to sit at the table with you. Now we can’t wait to buy a Lobster for Ruby (they cost €89) as soon as we have an actual dining table so that she can literally ‘sit’ at the table with us!

Travel Cot– we borrowed a travel cot from friends when we arrived. We got a great Huck travel cot in Aldi (they do the best ‘Baby equipment sales’ every few months, I’ve harped on about them on Twitter) which we’ve packed up and used for weekends away or sleepovers in Ireland but alas it was too big to take abroad

Baby’s first holiday: Some places really cater for everything for baby and you don’t have to take anything with you only the Child’s clothes- we are hoping to get to the luxe Martinal resort in Portugal later this year and hopefully won’t have to pack any equipment as they have it all there.

I believe there is an Irish company who now supply baby equipment if you travel within Europe.

SPF proof long sleeved top for baby

SPF proof long sleeved top for baby

Clothes for baby’s holiday

As we were travelling at Christmas time when it’s cold here but hot down under, I hit up the summer sales in June and bought Ruby some essentials for summer.

  • SPF50 proof tops and swimsuits – this neon top is from Leigh Tucker Willow at Dunnes Stores
  • Sun hat with a flap at the back – this pink mouse one I also got in the sale at Mothercare. Friends laugh at the ‘rapper do rag’ or ‘Lawrence of Arabia flap’ at the back but this is key for keeping sun off a baby’s neck, their skin burns so easily at this age
  • Sun cream with an SPF50 for children- I bought this when I arrived
  • Stock up on any shorts, t-shirts and vests- I got presents of GAP shorts and t-shirts from family which worked out perfectly as baby really didn’t wear much in the heat
A baby sun hat with a flap, or do rag as we like to call it!

A baby sun hat with a flap, or do rag as we like to call it!

Have you any more tips for travelling with a baby, either at home or abroad? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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  1. Madelyn Says:

    We went to florida with our six month old about six weeks ago – I was dreading it but our DD was great. We brought far too much stuff on the plane. Also, florida was very kid friendly, we bought stuff for her in walmart – so much cheaper than here. For the plane try and get the seats in the middle at the emergency aisle but do not get the cot – it is tiny the seat may be more useful. I would also recommend a microwave sterliser. In smyth’s there are these cool bags for bottles – ice pack stays frozen for ages. Bring your baby formula,a couple of toys for the plane, a little food and few clothes – you can shop to you drop there. Just remember to allow yourself load to times and enjoy ……….

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