Tips for Hosting a Christmas Dinner

November 6, 2016

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Tips for Hosting a Christmas Dinner


This year, we are hosting our first Christmas dinner- we’ve just moved into a new house, our first family home in fact, so we are excited and daunted by the very thought of it. Excited on one hand to be creating our own Christmas traditions as a family and daunted at the sheer amount of preparation that needs to be done!

There’s the Christmas tree and decorations to consider (just look at this front door and entrance and how beautifully decorated it is!), never mind the Christmas dinner and keeping everyone fed, happy and full of cheer for a full day.

lanterns Christmas

A recent peek at Tesco’s Christmas fare at their #tothehosts event, left me feeling hopeful that it is possible with all they have to offer and I parted with the following tips for hosting a Christmas dinner from Celebrity Masterchef winner, Kimberly Wyatt, who I chatted to on the night:

·         Don’t over complicate things – Do a few dishes. Pick your favourite Christmas dinner components and concentrate your energies on making them to the best of your ability.


·         Keep it simple – you don’t need to offer your guests 10 different types of vegetables; they’ll be more than happy with two or three.

 Christmas Dinner

·         Let meat rest – let your roast turkey rest for 30 minutes before serving – this will give you valuable time to finish off your roast potatoes and trimmings.


·         Preparation is key – Get as much done in advance as possible. You don’t want to be peeling vegetables when the guests are arriving. Prepare your vegetables the night before.


·         Don’t overcrowd your oven – it’s really important to not overcrowd the oven because the food won’t cook as it should and your timings will be thrown off.

Christmas jumpers

Tesco Kids Christmas jumpers


·         Don’t overfill your trays – When it comes to roasting potatoes, make sure there’s plenty of space between them. If you pile them up on top of each other, they’ll steam when what you want is for them to fry in the bottom of the roasting tray.


·         Relax and enjoy yourself – This really is the best way to make Christmas dinner easy: have a good time, so your guests can relax and enjoy themselves. There’s nothing more unsettling than a stressed host!


Any tips you can share yourself on making the occasion as stress free as possible, please share them via the comments below.

In the meantime, I’ll be busy scouring Pinterest for inspiration for a chic Christmas table setting.

At the Tesco Christmas event with my friend Daniella, I'm wearing a Maje skirt and Boohoo top

At the Tesco Christmas event with my friend Daniella, I’m wearing a Maje skirt and Boohoo top


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