The Search for the Perfect Pair of Jeans

October 3, 2012

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The Search for the Perfect Pair of Jeans

I’m told that there’s no better feeling that finding the perfect pair of jeans. Except that I don’t know what that feeling is like as I haven’t found them yet!

Despite the style tips (you can read some of them here) about fit and styles to suit your body shape, I can safely say that I am not enamoured about any pair of jeans I own.

I have a pair of black skinny jeans but feel that my thighs look big in them. Another pair of indigo skinnies feel good on but the seam twists inwards at the bottom. A River Island boot cut pair have been left untouched on a hanger since I bought them.  Diesel jeans are my go-to ones now – they’re comfy but I am not convinced that the pale blue colour is flattering on me. I’m short so sometimes have trouble finding the right length of jean – and this changes depending on whether I’m wearing heels or flats.

And that’s not to say that I haven’t spent money on jeans over the years.  DvB, 7 for all Mankind and Diesel sit alongside Awear and River Island in my wardrobe. And I am eyeing up a pair of Mihi jeans, the celebrity favourite du jour.

But I am told that stylist Jules Fallon has a failsafe formula to finding the perfect pair of jeans for every woman. People have even called in to the radio to speak about how wonderful her jean style sessions are.

Jules can find a pair of jeans for women of any age and she also works within your budget – in fact it’s the first question she asks. So if she sees that a pair of Not Your Daughters Jeans (at Pamela Scott) suit you, she has a shop up her sleeve that do a similar style to fit your shape, at a lower price point.

Free jeans styling service at WhiteWater Shopping Centre Newbridge

So I’ve booked in with her on one of the Free Jeans Genius styling sessions this Saturday in WhiteWater Shopping Centre Newbridge.

They run on Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th October and you can book your free style appointment through the Whitewater Shopping Centre Facebook page or by calling 045 449002.

While you are there, watch out for Twitter Bird stickers dotted around the shopping centre. If you follow @Whitewater_SC #StyleEvo on Twitter from now until 13th October, they’re giving clues for shoppers to find a Twitter Bird with shopping vouchers up for grabs if you find the correct one.

You can also enter the competition to win a €100 voucher to spend in WhiteWater Shopping Centre– we’re giving away one a week for 3 weeks!

See how I get on with finding that perfect pair of jeans.

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9 Responses to “The Search for the Perfect Pair of Jeans”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    My own two cents…

    I find that while you may find a perfect pair of jeans – you need to find the perfect shoes to match. You need jeans for flats, heels, boots, runners etc.!

    It’s also always hard to know how much they are going to stretch after wear / wash. I find that it may fit perfectly in shop then slide down my a*s after a few hours. Or they can be a bit tight in shop – do I risk buying them and see if my body moulds them? Or get the dreaded muffin spread…Oh decisions, I’ve obviously thought a lot about this lol!

    Good luck, I hope you find your perfect pair!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    that’s true about the shoes. I think it’s a case of having different jeans to go with diff shoes?
    The stretch thing is a killer alright isn’t it. I bought,what I thought were a gorgeous pair of leopard print jeans in Mango which felt fine in the shop and then felt loose when I wore them a few days later. My friend Helena saw them and told me that they were far too big for me and not tight enough. at the time I was disputing getting the 12 or the 10 and went for the bigger size and now have given them away after 1 wear! so am hoping to learn something this weekend!

  3. Aoifs Says:

    Definitely different jeans for different shoes.

    Yes that’s happened me plenty of times. You always err on the side of caution – go bigger. I recently went with the tighter pair and it’s worked out – no slide or arse balloon look – but I must admit that I have done that before and there was no give and it was muffin every time so I had to give them away (of course I could have eaten less, exercised more!). Think you need to see if there’s a bit of stretch in the denim (lycra or similar) before taking the risk.

  4. Applebypie Says:

    Have you ever tried J and Q ( Jonny Q) jeans . They come in , inbetween sizes ( 8,9,10,11 etc) and are cut in at the back of the waist band so they fit women perfectly. Love them. Priced around £80. X

  5. Lolly Says:

    Zara have a great range of skinny jeans at the moment. I recently bought two pairs for around €40/€50: a lovely stone wash & indigo pair. The leg & ankle is nice and narrow and they are not too long (maybe a 30 inch leg) which is great if you are shorter. They can be worn comfortably with flats or tucked into booties. With 2%/3% elastane & a decent thickness to the denim they don’t stretch or lose their shape. I wore mine for hrs & apart from the smallest amount of stretch at the knee, they were great especially for the price! Highly recommended! They days of spending large amounts of money on denim that looses its shape is hopefully a thing of the past! X

  6. Aoifs Says:

    Thanks for the tips – must check out Zara and J and Q jeans.

    WSW – did you find your perfect pair of jeans?

  7. Annemarie Says:

    Hey Aoifs – yes I did. The session was brilliant and I found 2 great styles – the Cherry style from Oasis which gives one a “cherry” bum. will be writing up an article about it for tomorrow!

  8. Annemarie Says:

    @Lolly – Nice one, I would never have thought of Zara for jeans. Kind of thought all spanish were tall and lanky but if you say they have a 30 inch leg then I’ll definitely try there! Thanks

  9. Annemarie Says:

    hi @Applebypie – thanks for the heads up about J and Q ( Jonny Q) jeans. where can you buy them?

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