Style Staring: The Ordinary People

February 15, 2012

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Style Staring: The Ordinary People

Hailing all the way from Alberta in Canada, 19-year-old Alyssa Lau is a student who set up her blog ‘The Ordinary People’ in July of last year with her cousin Kurtis. Though they come from a small town, the duo wanted to document how even ordinary people (as the name suggests) can have extraordinarily good style. As this month’s Style Staring candidate, Alyssa shares her wardrobe loves and hates and her unusual fashion phobia…

1.    How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style changes as much as I change outfits (which is a lot). I’m constantly inspired by street style photos, and that in turn, influences my style choices. I tend to stick to a more girly style though, although I’ve been trying to mix that up. And not going to lie, I’m really enjoying the grunge look. As you can tell, I love trying new things!

2.    What inspires your look?

My main inspiration comes from places like, where there is just so much creativity crammed into a tiny website. I absolutely love how sites like these are overflowing with inspiration! You can find just about any style on that site.

3.    What is the fashion scene in Canada like?

Well, I live in a pretty small part of Canada, and fashion here definitely cannot compare to New York, or Toronto even! Regardless, the fashion here can be quite remarkable, if you look in the right places. Aside from the rather conservative everyday-wear, you can always find people who embrace fashion readily.

4.    Which magazines and blogs do you read regularly?

I don’t read magazines too often, but blogs are a whole different story. I probably have too many to list, but Flattery, Jean Greige and India Rose are a few of my favourites!

5.    Is there anything you would never wear and why?

I could and would never wear anything with shoulder pads. I have an irrational fear that my shoulders are too broad!

6.    What are your favourite current trends, why do you like them and how are you wearing them?

I am obsessed with jewellery right now, and especially stacking as much as possible on my arms and fingers. Sometimes my friends look at me weirdly because I have bracelets crawling up my arms and rings on every finger, but hey, I love it!  Another trend I love right now is the stud trend (is this even a trend?). I bought some studs off etsy and put a ton on my jean shorts just to show how much I love it.

7.    Name one go-to piece in your wardrobe and tell us why you love it?

My one go-to piece in my wardrobe would be my Jeffrey Campbell cowboy-ish styled booties. They can go with anything and everything! Also, the distinctiveness of the boot makes it just that much better.

8.    Where are your favourite places to shop in Canada?

I haven’t gone shopping outside of Edmonton in a while, so I’ll just list some of my favourite places to shop here: Gravity Pope, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Oak + Fort, Forever 21 and any thrift/vintage store!

9.    What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought and your best bargain?

The most expensive thing I’ve bought… would have to be a Y3 jacket I bought in Singapore for $420 SGD. Gosh that’s a lot. As for my best bargain, it’d have to be a pair of loafers I bought for $6 at a thrift store!

10.    What do you love most about fashion?

I love how versatile and dynamic fashion is, but what I love most though is the fashion community behind it all. I’ve never talked to a more supportive and kind group of people! They’re the reason why I keep blogging.

11.    Do you have any fashion pet hates?

I can’t quite say I hate anything, because sooner or later, I give in and want to try it out anyway! I take that back. I don’t like shoulder pads.


Looks pictured above  from left to right:

1: Thrifted vintage loafers and bag, scarf from Crow’s Nest Knits, dress from ASOS

2: Knit scarf from Crow’s Nest Knits, Thrifted bag, canvas wedge heels from urban outfitters, eliza mint dress from, go gadget go anchor necklace, forever 21 cardigan

3: LOVE black chiffon cross bust maxi dress, Jeffrey Campbell boots, envelope bag from romwe, soft leather jacket from Sheinside, knit tuque from Crow’s Nest Knits, body chain from Beginning Boutique

4: Pour La Victoire wedge booties, sequinned bat wing top and cotton skirt from causeway mall, wewood watch, go gadget go anchor necklace, knit headband from Crow’s Nest Knits

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