Ask the Stylist: Sunglasses

August 5, 2012

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Ask the Stylist: Sunglasses

It’s that time of year again and we have had lots of requests asking how to choose a pair of sunglasses to suit ones face shape.

Trends change so quickly and it’s sometimes hard to keep up so, to give you a flavour of what’s out there, we have listed some of the most popular sunglasses trends and more importantly, which face shape they suit.

Cat eye Sunglasses

If you like the vintage look, then this is the style for you. Cat eye sunglasses suit heart-shaped and square face shapes.

Round sunglasses

Again, these have a retro, Jacki O feel to them. Retro sunglasses suit almost everyone, except round faces.


Aviator sunglasses come in many sizes and lense colours. Choose between the Top Gun pilot style (with mirrored lenses) or the plastic, 70’s frames.

The great thing about them is that they suit almost any face shape. They are quite large though so make sure that they are not too big for your face shape.

Butterfly shaped sunglasses

Like your sunnies large? Then the butterfly shape is for you. These  suit most face shapes as the butterfly edge draws the attention away from your actual face.

The original butterly style is by Prada and loved by the likes of Paris Hilton and Kate Moss but there are high street alternatives from everywhere.

One of our favourite oversized sunglasses shapes are by Tom Ford. Pictured alongside Reese Witherspoon above are the Tom Ford Simone Sunglasses which also come in three shades of brown.

Square shaped sunglasses

Square shaped sunglasses suit round faces – the square angles contrast with the shape of the face and the bridge on the nose widens the eyes.

Tips to find the perfect sunglasses to suit our face shape

Step 1. Find out what your face shape is

Figuring out your face shape is key to choosing sunglasses. The old wives tale of looking in a mirror and drawing the shape of your face with lipstick is a bit misguided.  Instead, we suggest checking out this video where international sunglasses expert Polly Joseph shows you how to tell your face shape and which sunglassses style suit each face shape.

Step 2. Look for a contrasting frame to your face shape

Round face (Kate Bosworth): Go for sunglasses with horizontal lines to create angles and lengthen your face. One word to keep in mind is rectangular.

Square face (Jennifer Garner): Choose sunglasses that soften your face angles. For example, choose curving lines like cat-eye frames. Lanvin Crystal Sun Sunglasses, Brown Thomas, €381 are a perfect fit for a square face.

Heart shaped face (Reese Witherspoon) :  Round frames balance out a stronger forehead with something that draws the eye downward.  .

Oval face shape: Think Chloe Sevigny. You lucky thing. Oval face shapes can get away with whatever they want in the sunglasses department. One word of warning however, is  not to choose sunglasses that are too small.

Step 3. Choose a colour

Choosing the shade of your sunglasses is easy. Black frames look great on everyone. Apart from that, search for a pair that is similar to your hair colour:  brunettes look for dark tortoiseshell or silver metal detail and blondes should go for gold metal.

And finally, enjoy your essential summer accessory!

Which type of sunglasses will you be wearing this summer?

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17 Responses to “Ask the Stylist: Sunglasses”

  1. Pcs Says:

    I am new to your blog and want to let you know that I think it is great. I have subscribed to your rss feed and look forward to more updates.

  2. mis jo-jo Says:

    hi WSW – could you pls tell me whar brand of Sunglasses Cheryl Cole is wearing – large oversized aviators,, metal frame.. Love them !!
    Tm Ford or Gucci I think?

    Also just flew out of Dublin airport and Sunglasses Hut – doing a deal -2 pairs of Raybans for €180 – v good deal.. and have the gold aviators , metal frame , that are sold out most places, they are still in stick.

    Also – ever one for the bargains- Boots are giving out 50% vouchers off sunglasses at the momnent when you make purchase at boots.

    Tk Maxx also have a great range – especially sporty glaasses – Carerra /Arnette .. all at reduced from €140/100 to around 50 or 30 respectively.. good for sailing or just driving .. Thet also have some whacky glasses from nice brands that dont cost a lot .. if you wanted to have a bit of fun and some crazy colours!

  3. Annemarie Says:

    Some fab buying tips there Mis jo jo, thanks! Mmm I like Kris Smyth (Dannii’s boyf) wearing his Carrera sunnies :)
    Which photo of Cheryl or when was she wearing them? she’s worn a few different aviator styles over the past year.

  4. Annemarie Says:

    The sunglasses shop lists which celebs wear which sunglasses. see but I think that the ones youre reffering to were spotted on Cheryl more recently so hence not one here. I’ll find out for you though!

  5. mis jo-jo Says:

    WSW – I think I found them Thanks – Cheryl Cole Gets Behind DVB

    They are the new sunglasses by Victoria and David Beckham – DVB – and i think i spotted them in BTs last week, now will definitely go back in. The range of DV8 is fab…. if a little pricey…

    Thanks anyway !

  6. Annemarie Says:

    Cool that you find them, knew they were on that site somewhere! You’re right, they are HUGE! Pic here for the rest of our readers to check out

    You’ll also find dvb sunglasses in Harvey Nichols Dublin

  7. angela Says:

    perfect timing with the sun making a guest appearance. Tried on lots today at Heathrow on my way out to New Orleans !! Needed this article, as determined to get a nice pair early this season. Only problem is they may need to be prescription lenses, so may not have the breath of choice! ?

  8. Annemarie Says:

    Angela, for prescription you’re better off sticking to your opticians because if you buy a pair elsewhere there’s no guarantee that they’ll fit them with your prescription. You don’t have to stick to your local opticians either, there are more and more carrying nice brands which can be fitted to your needs so shop around….with this guide of course! Good luck

  9. Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Says:

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