Editors Picks: Summer Beauty

June 22, 2010

Daily Digest, Hair & Beauty

Editors Picks: Summer Beauty

From lip gloss to fake tan, here are my picks of must buy products that are sure to keep you looking beautiful all summer long.

1. Faking it, not baking it

I’ve always longed for a bronzed look but have realised that it’s just not right on me. So, after a few spray tans and home fake tanning gone wrong, I’ve come to the conclusion that a wash off tan is the perfect commitment- free way to get the look without the streaks or blotches.

Cue Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (€13.89), which funnily enough, is not just for legs and can be used all over (apart from your face).

A “wash off” is not what I’d call this one, as it only comes off washing firmly with soap and water so don’t worry, it’s not likely to come off if you do happen to get caught in the rain. 

The light glow version would suit those who don’t like the bronzed look and takes away my blue pastiness nicely   – while I reach for the medium glow when I need to up the glam and tan.

2. Lip tint

While I’m all for the au natural beauty look, the nude lip trend just does nothing for me. So even if I’m going for a natural look in the summer months, I do still like a hint of colour and gloss on my lips, which is where a lip tint works perfectly.

My reach-for tint this season is Sugar Rush from NYC Color (€3.49) which comes in a lip “slider” – it has a tint of plum that matches my natural lip colour perfectly. For evening wear or to up the amount of colour, I apply Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 064 Obsession (€5.23) all over before slathering the lip tint on top.

3. A summer scent

Having “put away” my musky perfumes ‘til the autumn at least, I was keen to find a summer perfume that’s lighter, fresher and gives that overall “summer feeling”.

Not deeming myself a perfumer by any means, I’ve taken to mixology this month having discovered the limited edition Orange Blossom cologne by Jo Malone. Not to be worn by itself, the idea is that you spritz it over your favourite Jo Malone fragrance to add sweet, floral, summer brightness to your scent.

If smelling like the orange groves of Provence is not your thing, then you might like Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne instead – think fruity with added warmth of honey.  This one I absolutely loved as a “standalone” perfume.  Both €80 at Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

4. SPF

And finally, an essential if somewhat sensible Summer Beauty pick is sunscreen.  The higher the factor the better, even on cloudy days, where in this country, you can still burn.

Soltan’s Invisible Protection Spray (€20, Boots). In addition to a high SPF of 40, it’s waterproof, sweat proof, non-greasy and doesn’t leave any white marks as it dries. Plus it’s lightweight enough to fit in your handbag! Result.

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14 Responses to “Editors Picks: Summer Beauty”

  1. Orla Says:

    The new Splash fragrance for summer by Marc Jacobs is amazing. The Pomegranate one is Fresh and really zingy. Love it. And super value. €60 for 300ml.

  2. Siobhan Delaney Says:

    Wow, these sound gorgeous… Where can i the sugar rush from NYC sugar tint ? It sounds lush. I’m going to the UK in a fortnight.. Will see if i can locate there.

  3. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Orla, sounds lurvely. must have a spritz next time I’m in BT’s and check it out. sounds like a HUGE bottle for that price, sure it wasnt on sale :)

  4. Annemarie Says:

    Siobhan, it’s in selected pharmacies around the country, price at €3.49. It’s not as dark on as it’s looks in the tin

  5. Siobhan Delaney Says:

    Hi Annmarie, oh that’s great. I’ll try Wexford for it, better selection of pharmacies there.Thanks.

  6. orla Says:

    Yeah it was the full price.
    It is not as concentrated as perfumes. It is (I read this somewhere) designed to be splashed on as much as you want hence the cheaper price.
    I also have last years cucumber fragrance which I fell in love with and I managed to pick up a second bottle of it in the sales for just €33.

    They are both lovely and light and subtle.

  7. Annemarie Says:

    That was a great bargain, sounds very fresh the cucumber one

  8. aoifs Says:

    Not a huge perfume wearer but love marc jacobs scents. Especially a fan of the daisy scent but I must have a sniff at the others!

  9. aoifs Says:

    Totally spot on in relation to fake tans! I’m a really fair skinned, typical Irish freckle speckle. So although I love the Dita white skinned look, my skin can look uneven and blue when left bare – not porcelain like Dita or Nicole Kidman. In fact, I think a lot of the traditional fake tans look far too fake and dark on me, no matter how light I go. So a friend recommended the Sally Hansen airbrush spray and it’s brilliant for me. I use the lightest version and apply with a mitt. It evens out my skin tone, makes it look healthy and I feel good in my clothes. Instead of the blotchy look I usually get on my legs, it’s like spray on tights! I use all over except on my face.

    I definitely think a lot of Irish skinned people go too dark with the tanning products and it looks unnatural on them.

    Now I just need the perfect foundation – I find a lot of products out there are too yellow or orange for my skin tone! Any advice!?

  10. Annemarie Says:

    Aoifs, I know the feeling. I find the same so went and got a makeup lesson with Zoe Clarke http://www.zoeclark.com/, best thing I ever did. (article to follow!).

    I have a pink undertone in my skin (as do a lot of Irish) as opposed to a yellow tone, so need to go for the same thing in makeup. With Mac makeup that’s indicated by an N or NW (yellow base is C or NC) and after looking at my skin, Zoe recommended Mac Face and Body N1, it’s what make up artists use. It’s very sheer so if you wanted more “coverage” for for Armani Luminous Silk in No 4, and apply with a sponge or finger tips (after doing all your concealer, of course).
    Personally though, Id suggest a “try before you buy” approach, ask for a sample to try, in Armani they’ll give you a little pot to sample, as they should in Mac. Go home and try both and see which one suits you better in different scenarios, then invest!

  11. Aoifs Says:

    Great thanks for the tip. Will get a few samples. Have tried an Armani foundation before – it wasn’t that particular line, and I found the coverage lovely and silky on my skin. But I did feel the base colour was too yellow and I’d have to slap on a pile of fake tan to match it ifkwim. I just want a foundation that again evens out my skin tone and is the right colour. Going to check out both recommendations, thanks!

  12. Annemarie Says:

    yes, they have yellow undertoned ones as well as pink. also learned that I was wearing stuff too “gloopy” that your skin should shine through foundation and that you can always make darker with bronzer/blusher but that the foundation should be an exact match to your skin colour, not a shade darker.
    ohhh its all a learning curve! best o luck

  13. mis jo-jo Says:

    I love Sally Hansen for legs, (and sometime arms which i know is not ususally what used for) , I use a sponge to apply and mositurise beforehand.. I use the Tan Glow colour as like the darker look. Fab !


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