Style Staring: Style Dissection

January 4, 2012

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Style Staring: Style Dissection

When you see great street style, it makes you stop and stare, hence this monthly feature dedicated to street style.

January’s post pays homage to  Style Dissection a beautiful street style blog, where Dunja Lugaric “dissects” each look she photographs into individual images which detail the minute details of an outfit; be it a colour, pattern, fabric or stitch.

In fact, we love Style Dissection so much that we’ve asked her to join us as our Street Chic photographer – look out for her looks in the coming days.

We wanted to meet the photographer on the other side of the lens (she’s pictured here on the far left) and some of the favourite photos from her blog, featuring Dublin, London, Paris and Zabreb street style. Read on for Style Dissection’s inspirations behind her work.

How did you first become interested in fashion?

My mum was so glamorous when I was growing up. As a kid, I would put on her high heels and red lipstick to parade around the house imitating her, which was very amusing to both her and my dad.  As I grew older my brother and I went into modelling until our teens. Then the internet happened and all of a sudden I would spend countless hours (instead of doing my homework) looking at photos from fashion shows on New York Magazine (before there was admiring every single one of them.

How did you come up with the unique concept of your blog?

While looking at The Sartorialist, Facehunter etc., I would always point out a single detail on a shoe, a piece of jewellery or detail on a print. People were sometimes shocked at what dresses or shoes I liked but then I would show them the detail and they would say “Ok, I never noticed it before.” That got me thinking and eventually I decided to start a blog that would show all those details and the idea expanded to zooming into materials and colours as well.

The finer details fascinate you about other people styles, are you quite particular about your own accessories and outfit accents?

I became more aware of my appearance after I first checked out London Fashion Week. I felt like a kid in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory that has only been eating milk chocolate. Now I have my core style that is filled with new pieces each season. One of the best things that came with the blog is discovering new designers, new labels and new garments.

You take photos of people with such amazing style; do they influence your personal style at all?

Absolutely. If I look at photos of myself from a few years ago I can see how I’m starting to define my own style by taking bits from others. I’ve learned there is at least 5 ways to wear a belt, 10 ways to wrap a scarf around the neck and that every shirt and jacket looks better with folded sleeves! I’m not afraid to experiment with colours, prints and patterns anymore.

You’ve captured some very influential people on your blog, including the Irish Designer Una Burke. Are there any people in particular who were really memorable to meet and photograph?

I enjoy meeting everyone. I’m glad to have met young and successful designers such as Una, Merle O’Grady, Georgia Hardinge and many other fellow bloggers and stylists in each city. People think that people the fashion industry can be cold and cruel but I don’t see it. Every single person I have met is an inspiration to me and I’m glad to see them growing and becoming successful in what they do.

Your blog takes its followers to Dublin, Helsinki, New York, Oslo, Paris, London and Zagreb. Which city has been your favourite?

That’s a tough question!  Every single one of them has it’s own “spice” and you can really see differences in fashion style from place to place (especially outside of fashion week season). London is great as the weather allows for very cool layering combinations, Paris is simple and chic (is there any other word to use for Paris!) and New York…well, they don’t say it’s a jungle for nothing. Literally, everything is possible and acceptable to wear in New York.

Where are your favourite places to shop in these cities? Did you discover any hidden gems?

I have to admit that I love getting lost in a city and only use a map to get around public transportation to get me to a certain area or an address for a fashion show. There are a few shops in London and Paris I always check out but I don’t know their names. I love getting lost in Soho and Nolita while in New York. Like most people I shop at high street stores but every so often I treat myself with a designer piece or something vintage.

What are your favourite fashion websites/blogs?, and would be few websites I check on a daily basis as well as, and of course I divide fashion blogs into personal style and street style. My top 4 personal style would be: Bryanboy, The Man Repeller, The Blonde Salad and Garance Dore; and street style blogs top 4: The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil, Face Hunter and Bill Cunningham.

All images: Style Dissection

 – Gillian Brett

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