Recessionista Fashion Tips

June 2, 2009

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Recessionista Fashion Tips

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be in fashion – you can still look stylish and follow the trends by mixing and matching what you have with few new additions.

Start by looking through your wardrobe for items that may look a little faded but still have a great shape or style and ask yourself “how can I re-style this?” Black, White, Red, Navy – all these colours and more can be re-dyed. Machine or hand dyes are available to buy in pharmacies and some supermarkets and can transform a garment into looking new again.

See if any items can be altered a little to re-invent them, bring to a dressmaker to see how much it would cost, a lot of the time this is a cheaper option than buying something new. Those trousers with frayed ends that you have worn to death could be made into three-quarter lengths. You can even try some home alterations too – change the buttons on your coat for example, this can give it a fresh look.

Pull out those clothes that you have just put to the side because you don’t have anything to go with them but still love ‘em. Write a list of items that you need and ONLY BUY if you find the right match. Remember this is not an open shopping spree!

Accessorize Accessorize

New Accessories can totally change the look of an outfit.
Costume Jewellery is a great way to jazz up a black top or dress and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Other key items to refresh a look

Scarves – This is a great way to introduce vibrant fabric to your outfit without spending a fortune. It also means it’s easily changeable and you won’t get sick of the fabric.

Choose this statement print scarf by Emilio Pucci (TOP RIGHT).  There are hundreds of scarves in the highstreet too, this summer scarf from Marks and Spencers is just one of them.

Flower Corsages – These can be worn on a top, scarf, pined to your bag, or in your hair.  Here’s one (pictured) in pink from Miss Selfridge (€15).

Swap Parties

How many times do we look in our wardrobe at those clothes and shoes that we just couldn’t resist and have worn only once or not at all? Why not give someone else the pleasure of those designer platforms? Swap! Organise an evening with some friends and swap clothes. You never know what you might come away with and you get to shed the guilt of your impulse buys.
Remember – A little imagination and motivation can give you a great look on a budget!

By AnnMarie Proudfoot

AnnMarie is a guest contributor on

She has 7 years fashion buying experience and holds a Diploma in Fashion Design from the Grafton Academy.

Heels and handbags have been a staple part of her wardrobe since the age of 5!  She has a passion for clothes and would like to guide you through your ‘fashion foes’.

“Fashion is here for everyone to enjoy regardless of your shape or size and with some hints and tips you’ll be looking fabulous in no time!”.

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Great tips AnnMarie – I will definitely put some of them to use!


  2. Claire Says:

    Found a turquise corsage in H&M for €6, it’s dressing up my tops and cardigans nicely


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