Street Chic

October 5, 2011

Street Chic

Aideen Finnegan



She: Aideen Finnegan

Wears: “I love colour and these Vivienne Westwood for Lee Jeans are right up my street. The shoes are United Nude and can be found in Buffalo. I got them on sale. They were marked down to €80 from €200. I really couldn’t afford them at full price, so when I wear them I take victory steps! I just love the heel and everyone comments on them but I won’t lie, you do need access to a bar stool at some stage!

The grey top is from Whistles and that too was on sale. The chain I don’t think came out that well in the photo but I love it and I wear it day in day out. My cousin told me I looked like a gypsy and my mam has told me I look like a bouncer. You’d think that’d put me off, but no. This heavy linked silver chain from American Apparel is my best thing!

The big studded bangle was a purchase I made when I was living in Barcelona a couple of years ago. I know the whole studs thing has died out, but I still wear it. Studs still rock my world. My Casio watch is another staple. I wear it most days. When I don’t wear that one, I have a gold version of it instead.”

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