Ask the Stylist: Spring Trends Will Work With My Wardrobe?

February 22, 2013

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Ask the Stylist: Spring Trends Will Work With My Wardrobe?


I don’t have much to spend and would like one or two new pieces from “what’s in for spring” to buy and wear with other items in my existing wardrobe. Can you suggest anything? Angela via email.

This spring is all about stripes and there are two looks you could try:

Monochrome trend

First up is monochrome. Put simply, it’s black and white stripes or black and white in any shape or form. The shops are awash with black and white pieces now that the winter sales are over and you’ll find this look everywhere from high end to high street.

The key to wearing the trend is to buy one key piece and wear it with an existing piece in your wardrobe. For example, this Warehouse striped dress (above centre) is really flattering and is in store now.  Wear it with a black blazer and heels. Alternatively wear it with black opaque tights, adding a belt for that extra oomph.

Side Striped Trousers

If you’d prefer seperates to dresses, Stella McCartney has made tracksuits cool again by introducing the sports luxe trend and you’ll see everything from sweatshirts to tracksuit pants being worn for spring summer 2013.

Doesnt sound appealing?  The key is to pick one sports luxe piece, “dress it up” with heels and to leave the runners at home.

If you like separates, one way of wearing the trend is with side striped trousers. Choose black with a white stripe pair and you can wear them with something you’ve got already – like a black or white t-shirt and heels, just as Eve does in the photo above (€63 in Warehouse – in store now).

Other shops doing side striped trousers well are Zara and Maje at BT2.

Take a cue from model Miranda Kerr who likes to wear her A.LC. side-striped trousers with a sleeveless shirt from Equipment, Jimmy Choo heels and a black Cèline bag.


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  1. Julie Ireland Says:

    Hi i love the stripped dress but i’m just wondering do warehouse deliver to other countries? thanks for the info

  2. Annemarie Says:

    hi Julie, yes Warehouse ship to most places, here’s a link with the info

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