Ask The Stylist: Socks

December 8, 2010

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Ask The Stylist: Socks

By AnnMarie Proudfoot

Socks are having a moment. It used to be all about the shoes, but now its about socks and shoes together and I’ve been asked again and again just how you wear the trend.

It looks so effortless on models strutting down the catwalk but how do we take it from the runway to real way without looking too school-girlish? Here’s how…

How to wear socks

There are no hard and fast rules for wearing this trend – the cuteness of this look is about adding a bit of quirkiness. In saying that, I would keep in mind a few tips to get the best out of this look depending on your body shape and choice of sock you go for.

Firstly, the style, colour and knit needs to match your footwear. When I say “match”, this can still mean crazy colours with stripes or a pattern and texture, just ensure the colours are complimentary. And leave your sports socks for that sporty casual look! So first up, sock styles:

Ankle Socks

Ankle socks look great for that 50’s look. If you are opting for a colourful or patterned sock, team them with a ladylike sophisticated shoe to tone down that child-like look. Try to keep the knit fine so you don’t end up looking squeezed into your shoes.

Knee High Socks

If you are short, make sure your socks are sitting below your knee and that when wearing a skirt, it hits you mid thigh so you don’t cut off your leg length too much. Socks and shoes worn in the same colour will also make your legs appear longer.

Thigh High Socks

If you feel your thighs are big, it’s probably best to avoid the thigh high style as it will only draw attention to them. Opt for a style that sit just below your knee as this will make you legs look slimmer. Wear with a pair of winter shorts and polo neck to finish off this look.


If you want a more subtle look, complimentary colours from a similar colour palette work well, like brown socks with beige boots or heels. For a more dramatic look, wear statement stocks – red and grey striped socks look great with these black fur trim buckle boots from River Island.


Again, there are no strict rules here but there are some combinations that look great together and here are a few of my personal favourites:

Thick chunky ribbed socks pushed down and worn with ankle boots.

Striped Over the knee or thigh highs worn with platform lace up boots.

Thin rib socks with chunky shoes or peep-toes. If you would prefer to see your painted toes peeking through, try a pair of toeless socks!

Fine knits teamed with delicate heels. Try to keep the socks with this look quite fine to avoid them bulging out the side.

Layer it up

Here are my suggestions for different ways to layer your look:

Wear socks over a pair of flesh coloured sheer tights or contrasting coloured tights, both will keep you warm with the latter adding some more interest to your look.

Wear two pairs together – either in same colour (in tonal colours) or contrasting colours, layering knee highs with over the knee socks.

Most importantly have some fun with the look, just look at Leighton Meester (pictured) and you’ll want to scrunch your socks too.

There are some really great styles out there this season, both sexy and cute, so ladies  pull up your socks and embrace this trend!

AnnMarie Proudfoot is a  fashion stylist at Proudfoot Style.

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