Accessory Alert: Snoods

November 18, 2009

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Accessory Alert: Snoods

By Siobhan Lam

Every year the anticipation of winter overwhelms me. It’s not the skies beginning to darken as your lunch hour ends or that rain is a guarantee every day, oh no, it is the clothes. With winter, we need to wear more layers to fend off the cold, hence we need more clothes. Shopping becomes a necessity as opposed to a luxury.

As soon as I feel that first chill in the air, the seasonal wish list is compiled. Knit-sweater dresses and hats and scarves in a spectrum of colours are all included…that is until this season, when everything on the list was replaced by a single item – the snood.

“The Snood?” you say, “What, pray tell, is a snood?” Well my fashionable friends, the snood is your new winter staple – you just don’t know it yet. The snood is a hybrid of the hood and the scarf, think of it as a never-ending scarf that can also be worn as a hood for those rain induced umbrella-less situations we inevitably find ourselves in.

Snoods featured heavily on this season’s catwalk, designers from Missoni to Gucci embraced the trend but David Bailey’s Burberry Prorsum did it best. Bailey has been a breath of fresh air to the previously somewhat stagnate fashion house – bringing an edge to the brand without negotiating its classic look, perfectly represented by its current model Emma Watson (get her giant check snood at €275).

Bailey really understood the relaxed ideology behind the snood and its decorative yet functional nature, sending it down the catwalk with both his deliciously British classic trench coat as well as juxtaposing it against his romantic muted evening dresses (see above far right). This versatility is the exact reason the snood has become the must-have winter accessory this season.

Think of the snood as the more practical version of the statement necklace. It can be just as intricate but with the added bonus of warmth.  No other accessory has transformative powers like it, taking a ‘safe’ look to an eclectic look in one fell swoop. As well as this, the snood goes with practically everything – coats, dresses and pairs of jeans.

A true fashion junkie, Kate Bosworth has been working this trend for a while. By keeping her top and jeans a neutral shade, Kate understands that the vibrant snood stands out and gives a subtle nod to the current fashion trend without going overboard. If Kate’s look is working for you, then head to Warehouse, who have a super soft cashmere snood in radiant red (€78, also in black or grey). For those of you who prefer a more restrained look they also have a fisherman snood in a great soft neutral grey (€24) which will work with everything.

The practicality and affordability of the snood means it is a very easy trend that just about anyone can pull off. It also takes a lot of your summer wardrobe well into the winter, just throw the snood over that tea dress and add a cardigan. Try it. Wear the snood on with your coat or better still, let Burberry inspire you and wear with your party dress instead of a bolero – your friends will be furious they didn’t think of it first!

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8 Responses to “Accessory Alert: Snoods”

  1. Mr T. Says:

    Is there a “man” version of the Snood?

  2. cleansheets Says:

    I was seeking a snood in Dublin in early October and was really disappointed with the colours – all a bit safe and neutral and no help to my fair, Irish complexion in winter. I finished up buying a teal scarf and found leather gloves to match but now this article makes me think I should have tried harder. A red one from Warehouse wouldn’t have fit the bill I wanted contrast with a red coat.

  3. Annemarie Says:

    Mr T, Yes, lots of snoods for men too, they are worn the same way. Try Topman. Also, Next have both a fisherman (wooly) knit one and a sporty one in fleece material for the sporty type dressers amongst you.

  4. Mr T. Says:

    Cool… I must check them out!
    Thanks Annemarie! :)

  5. Annemarie Says:

    I hear you Cleansheets! Looks like they only hit the shops in the past few weeks. Don’t dispair as your teal accessories will go with lots of things, teal and black or grey are great combos. You’re right – snood colours are quite muted at the moment, except for Dorothy Perkins who have them in cobalt blue, cream, yellow, pink or black (£12). My most yearned for snood is a purple one from Jigsaw made with alpaca wool – I have an alpaca blanket which is the warmest thing ever, so I can only imagine how cosy the snood would keep me!

  6. cleansheets Says:

    On my way to Dorothy Perkins… thanks!


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