Beauty: Smile Like You Mean It

May 24, 2012

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Beauty: Smile Like You Mean It

Last week we met Judi James, a leading body language expert who says that a real smile “starts in the eyes and spreads down to the mouth” and a fake smile “stops and starts at the mouth”

Judi has worked across hit TV shows such as Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing and The Xtra Factor, so she knows a thing or two about what your smile says about you. In town to launch Colgate’s ‘Keeping Ireland Smiling’ campaign, Judi divulged the following insights into celebrity smiles:

 Victoria Beckham What is it with Victoria’s “no smile” smile and the way she sticks her pelvis out on the red carpet ? The “no smile” for fashion events shows that she wants to be taken seriously as a fashion designer but when she looks at David it’s a different story. You’ll see her genuinely smile and look at him adoringly, like a child almost.

Michelle Obama Mobama definitely has a performed smile but shows a strong charisma with the rounding of her cheeks – you’d know she’s also “worked it” in the corporate world and shows is charming when she needs to b.

Kate Middleton The Duchess has it completely cornered ! She has a smile that lasts forever and doesn’t take any breaks when she smiles. They say that children mimic their parents and as Kate’s mum was an air hostess, this is probably where she got it. It’s 100% genuine.

Barack Obama Along with his smile, Obama always communicates with the eyes – you know the scenario when he walks into a room to make a speech and reaches out to someone in the audience with his eyes? This creates salience and it’s a brilliant tool that works for him.

George Clooney  Can’t you just see his eyes smiling? It’s a massive big Hollywood smile but it’s very genuine. Unlike Ricky Gervais, whose edge to edge smile and the way he shows his teeth is a sign of tension. Not unlike animals in the wild showing their teeth if they’re threatened, this is where we’ve all come from after all!

Judi’s Top Tips on Smiling for Photos

1.    Try to turn one shoulder slightly away from camera. This will relax your neck and facial muscles, making it easier to produce a great smile.
2.    Get your smile in your eyes first. When we smile naturally the smile tends to creep from the eyes to the mouth, rather than the other way round.
3.    If your teeth are clenched because you’re nervous, your smile will tend to look fake and tense. Press the tip of your tongue into the roof of your mouth for two seconds before you smile to relax the jaw muscles.
4.    Say the word ‘BUNGALOW’ out loud. It pulls the lips in, then makes a pout which will turn into a smile because you feel stupid saying it!
5.    If you pout first it will pucker up the mouth muscles which will help to make them relax when you smile.

For more info on the Colgate Roadshows in May, see the Colgate Ireland Facebook page

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3 Responses to “Beauty: Smile Like You Mean It”

  1. nora Says:

    I agree about Victoria Beckham, what’s with her has she not made enough money to give her this advantage over the mere mortal, She should smile more. Love Kate Middleton and George happy with their lot very genuine, now days I buy any magazine with Kate on cover if article is genuine love her to bits.

  2. Christina Says:

    I like George Clooney but I don’t like his smile…Funny. Kate’s smile, of course perfect!


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