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Shorts To Suit Your Body Shape

Shorts To Suit Your Body Shape

From cut off denims to sleek city styles, Kate Moss is the queen of shorts. She always manages to nail this look to perfection.  So how does she get it so right?
It’s all about creating the overall look; whether it’s teaming them with flats, wedges, heels, waistcoat or blazers.

I think a lot of people shy away from wearing shorts as they feel they won’t suit them, so I am going to give you some hints and tips to get you on the right track.

Pear shape

If are a little larger around the hip area, choose shorts that are darker in colour as this will help slim down your hip area. This pair from Irish designers Kate and Ava (€80) work well for your shape. The pleating lower down means that you don’t have extra bulk around your tummy area, while also ensuring they are not clinging around your hips.

Style tip: Team them with a patterned top to draw the eye upwards

Larger thighs

If you have larger thighs, choose a Bermuda style short that will cover up your thigh area. Ensure you wear with heels to lengthen your legs and give an overall slimmer appearance. City Shorts, ASOS (€32.05)

Style tip: Wear with a cropped, loose striped tee. The tailored structure of the shorts is balanced with the soft, casual touch of a t-shirt.

Apple Shape

If you are larger on your top half the aim is to balance out your figure. This pair of shorts from Nishe has a thick waistband which will ensure you don’t add bulk to you tummy area but will also add some width to your smaller hips and help balance out your shoulders. Nishe Floral Trim Button Front High Waisted Shorts, ASOS (€53.84)

Petite Shape

For you petite gals these button front shorts will look great, your shape allows you to wear the thicker boucle fabric. Pair it with the cropped Chanel Esq. jacket for a great overall look. I love this suit! Boucle Matelot Shorts, ASOS (€44.87)

Tall Shape

For the tall slim athletic figure you should highlight your thin legs with a lighter colour on the bottom like these Zadig & Voltaire white shorts (€155) . Zadig & Voltaire is now available in Brown Thomas.

Style tip: Team the shorts with a loose blouse for a relaxed over look that will add some balance to your thin frame

What shape shorts are you?

 – Ann-Marie Proudfoot

As well as contributing to WSW, Ann-Marie Proudfoot is a stylist over at Proudfoot Style.

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4 Responses to “Shorts To Suit Your Body Shape”

  1. Lela Says:

    MUST have those ASOS shorts. Great guide! :)

    Lela London – Fashion Blog

  2. Amy Says:

    Thanks a million for this!

  3. luminox Says:

    I owe you thanks, a very big thanks for writing this guide. With the right shape you have detailed the short which will team perfectly. I personally adore shorts; it creates a perfect look for me. Hope to get some more such tips from you :-)

  4. AnnMarie Proudfoot Says:

    Thanks guys, glad you like the guide and found it helpful and yes there will be more style guides to come :)

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