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Shopping: What She Bought in the Sales

December 30, 2011

Daily Digest

Shopping: What She Bought in the Sales

I hadn’t intended shopping in the sales at all.

But yesterday, while visiting my sister in Ballyboughal, we popped into nearby Malahide,”just for a potter” amongst the lovely shops and eateries dotted across the village.

I’m normally not a “boutique shopper” but visits to three boutiques ensued and I was excited to find the Almost Famous label stocked in Divine – where everything was half price in the sales! They also stock another label I love – Electronic Sheep – and their woolen cape is now only €100.

The first thing I saw when I entered the shop was this charcoal grey dress coat, reduced from €255 to €130.  It’s got the most gorgeous chiffon pleating detail on the shoulders and it fits me perfectly – so needless to say I had to buy it!

Kate Walsh, the UK Apprentice star turned TV presenter, wore the black version of coat to the London Twilight premiere in November.

I love this label and previously wore it to the summer in Dublin launch in 2010.

Did you found any good bargains in the sales?

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7 Responses to “Shopping: What She Bought in the Sales”

  1. mis jo-jo Says:

    Yep.. got a gorgeous satin (gold) Max Mara dress In Brown Thomas reduced from 500 to 230.. have 2 weddings in March so will be perfect .. Now to find shoes and a bag to go with that colour? Any ideas?

  2. Orla Says:

    Picked up a smashing teal dress in Coast down from €175 to €63. Perfect fit and length.

  3. Annemarie Says:

    sounds like a lovely dress Orla – and that teal would be a great colour on you!

  4. Annemarie Says:

    @mis jo-jo – sounds lovely. depending on the shade of gold, you could go for a similar in colour metallic or black shoe

  5. Jade Says:

    that dress sounds amazin why dont u post a pic so we can get jelous of ur gr8 bargin and everyone can give advice on what shoes and accsesories 2 ware with it personnly black chunky shoes and a big handbag would be gr8 also add a blazer to add that extra something to the outfit if u like….. hope the outfit looks as good as it sounds

  6. Aoifs Says:

    Like it a lot. Hate sales in general but boutique sales can be good as the racks of crap aren’t there like in the bigger stores and you genuinely feel you’re getting a bargain.

  7. Maria Says:

    That is a nice bargain! I should pop into that shop for sure.

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