Shopping: Weekly Wish List

July 20, 2011

Daily Digest

Shopping: Weekly Wish List

We’ve been shopping!  Here we reveal the little things that are perking up our week:

Bertie brogues, €101

I have been looking for a pair of lace up brogues for a while now.  Most that I liked were just too narrow for, it seems, my not so dainty feet!

I found this Bertie pair in Arnotts and they fit like a glove! I love the colour and the fabric laces. They are fully leather on the inside (which I also love) so are really comfortable without socks = no heel blisters!  Ann-Marie Proudfoot

Mango snake jeans, €46

I loved Kate Moss snakeskin skinnies at Glasto this year and found a pair of snake jeans in Mango (£34/€46) last week. The print is not so “in your face” as Kate’s Balmain version but they fit like a second skin (excuse the pun!) and I can see myself wearing them well into the winter.  Anne Marie Boyhan

Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty”  book,  £20 (about €23)

If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be New York—for various reasons but mainly so I could go see the Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition runs until the 7th of August, but sadly I won’t be in NYC between now and then.

To ease the pain, I’ve bought the book by the same name from for £20 (about €23); a mere fraction of the cost of a flight to JFK and a wonderful retrospective of McQueen’s incredible career.  Gillian Brett

Accessorize bag,  €54

I bought this lovely turnlock bag from Accessorize for £35 (€54) at the weekend. The tan colour is perfect for summer and I love the material – its super soft!  

It’s also an ideal size for me as I can’t go anywhere without an umbrella and I always have a book or magazine in my bag for the tube journey to work.  Jennifer Ennis

What have you bought or have your eye on this week? Go on; share your shopping secrets with us!

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10 Responses to “Shopping: Weekly Wish List”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    I love those jeans, although are they quite low-waisted? I bought a pair of low-waisted jeans there last week and I just can’t get into them, I miss the high waists! I am JUST about to buy a pair of similar brogues, and I have that book! The bag’s too classic for me, but three out of four ain’t bad – do I win a prize?!

  2. Nora Says:

    Oh those brogues are beautiful. I’m actually on the hunt for a pair so will definitely be checking out Arnotts for the Bertie brand. Also in love with those jeans. Great post!

  3. Annemarie Says:

    @Rosemary 3 out of 4 – that is impressive! No prize just praise 😉 The jeans aren’t low waisted – I would say mid rather than low, but def no builders bum when I bend over!

  4. Annemarie Says:

    Thanks @Nora -hope to do this type of post once a week now, great feedback. read your own post about brogues – you’ll have to add the bertie ones.

  5. Daphne Lopes Says:

    I love your wishlist, is amazing!!! I want the same book!

  6. Fiona Reilly Says:

    I was just on the Mango website there and I could only find the snake skin jeans in white. Even if I could get away with wearing white jeans I think white snake skin jeans is a bit much for me!! Do they definitely do them in black and where is there a Mango store in Dublin? Agreed with the second girl…great post, it usually is tho!

  7. Annemarie Says:

    Thanks Fiona! The ones I got were in the Mango concession in John Lewis in London but you could call and check in the following stores in Dublin (there’s also a Mango in Limerick). I couldn’t see them in black either on

    Here are the numbers from the Mango website:

    House of Fraser, The Dundrum Shopping Centre – Sandyford Road.
    DUBLIN – 01 296 39 92

    BT2, The Red Mall, The Blanchardstown Centre –
    DUBLIN – 01 860 65 40

    Arnotts PLC Shopping Centre – 12Henry Street
    DUBLIN – 01 805 05 45

    The Pavilions Shopping Centre – Swords
    DUBLIN – 01 813 26 83

  8. Blau von T Says:

    I heart Bertie brogues!

  9. Sarah Says:

    So many great picks in there it’s hard to know where to start!

  10. Aoifs Says:

    Love those brogues…want want want!

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