Shopping: Weekly Wish List

October 12, 2011

Daily Digest

Shopping: Weekly Wish List

Check out what´s rocking our shopping world this week. Let us know what your´ve bought and why you love it!

1. Shearling Jacket

I was back in Ireland this week and one of my favourite things to do when visiting is to pop into A-Wear! It is like my guilty pleasure.

This time I picked up this gorgeous black shearling jacket, which is a bargain at €55. I have already worn it loads and know it will be a wardrobe staple. The fit and style are exactly what I look for and it is very versatile for both day and night,  dressed up and dressed down. Jennifer

2. Armour Ring

Emotions were running high on the X-Factor on Sunday 2nd October when the judges were revealing who they’d be taking through to the live shows. Call me insensitive but I was distracted for Kelly Rowland’s entire segment due to her gorgeous armour-esque ring!

Lovestruck, I scoured the internet and managed to find a near-exact replica in Topshop, hooray! It’s £8.50 so I’m assuming that’ll be just over a tenner in euros. Gillian

Check out the rest of our fav outfits on Kelly here.

3. Ugg Biker Boots

This autumn, I wanted to purchase a pair of boots that lived up to my ultra comfortable Rockport boots from last year. Although not immediately drawn to Ugg boots, when I put this biker version on, I was sold. The sheepskin inside feels so soft underfoot!

I really like the biker style as it’s a move on from the traditional style of Ugg boot. They can also be worn with the fur turned up. Just waiting on the snow now to test them out fully!  €270 at Brown Thomas.  AnnMarie Proudfoot

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