Spa Style: Seoid Spa, Dunboyne Castle Hotel

October 22, 2013

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Spa Style: Seoid Spa, Dunboyne Castle Hotel


I’ve loved Voya skincare ever since I discovered it when I had my first seaweed bath at The Ice House in Ballina. It’s an Irish company, based in Sligo whose skincare range is made of seaweed, which has been scientifically proven to contain more vitamins and minerals than any other plant.

So I was thrilled to find Voya products stocked closer to home and used in the Seoid Spa in Dunboyne Castle Hotel, which I visited last weekend. A quick spin out of Dublin (I was there in 30 minutes), I checked into the spa to enjoy a back massage and facial, where Voya Products were used for both.

To stay I was stressed when I arrived was an understatement.   I tend to hold my stress in my right shoulder blade and the therapist set to work, successfully kneading the stress out of me after a long working week –  giving me a back, neck and shoulder massage. This was followed by a blissful facial – where I was cleansed, moisturised, masked and hydrated to within an inch of my life.

Afterwards I sought refuge in the spa’s relaxation room, where I chilled out over fruit, herbal tea and oodles of magazines before mustering up the energy to give the hydrotherapy suite a go – this included a stint in the sauna, a swim in the pool and a look at the outdoor hot tub, (truth be told  – I was not brave enough to try the outdoor hot tub as it was lashing rain outside. This didn’t deter a couple who I saw hanging out in the there the entire time I was in the pool – another reason I didn’t venture there as I would’ve been the anonymous gooseberry in the hot tub).

Clearly relaxed and hydrated that evening I went on to enjoy dinner at Dunboyne castle restaurant, which was included in the overnight spa & B&B deal.  Although I only had half a day to fit in a treatment – by the time I arrived home 24 hours later,  it felt like I’d been away for ages.

Seoid Spa, Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa, Dunboyne, Co. Meath Tel 01 801 3500

Dinner with B&B offer starts at 75 euro per person sharing. Spa Getaway includes spa treatments, dinner and B& B, 150 euro per person. See full offer here

WSW was a guest of Seoid Spa.

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