Pregnancy Style: Pregnancy Supplements

November 30, 2014

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Pregnancy Style: Pregnancy Supplements

One thing that I’m definitely ‘wearing’ since my first visit with my GP when I found out I was pregnant, is pregnancy supplements.

My doc had previously recommended taking folic acid for at least 3 months before conception but about 8 weeks into the pregnancy, she recommended I take ‘Pregnacare’, which, like most things during this pregnancy was brand new to me. In a recent survey among almost 2,000 eumom members, two out of three respondents said that they started taking a pregnancy supplement as soon as they found out that they were pregnant.

It is a pregnancy supplement containing multivitamins and folic acid which has long been recognised by Irish health professionals (Almost three in four doctors, midwives or pharmacists recommended Pregnacare over other pregnancy supplement brands, according to the eumom survey) for reducing the risk of neural tube defects. Pregnacare contains the recommended 400mcg level of folic acid but also has the added benefits of the other minerals and vitamins to help keep Mum and baby healthy.

Karen Koster’s Pregnancy Style

TV3 Xpose’s Karen Koster is the face of Pregnacare and I am checking out her lovely maternity style daily on TV3 Xpose. If you like her pregnancy style, you can check out what she wears each day, as it’s documented on their website here.

At 20 weeks, the halfway mark, and having seen the results of my blood tests, my obstetrician recommended I take iron tablets. Apparently, one’s Iron levels drop around the pregnancy halfway mark (all that having to pump extra blood around) so I am now taking a generic iron supplement brand every second day also, on top of the Pregnacare supplement.  This differs from person to person, depending on your iron levels.

Pregnacare by Vitabiotics. €7.49 for 30 tablets in Boots & other pharmacies .

Generic Iron Supplement, €2.20 for pack of 20, at my local pharmacy.

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