Beauty: Lessons in Lipstick Part II

March 10, 2011

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Beauty: Lessons in Lipstick Part II

Poppy King, aka the Lipstick Queen, is world renowned lip expert –a native of  Australia, living in New York, she’s a former Estée Lauder executive who founded her own lipstick line aged 18.

With two decades in the cosmetics business under her belt, King has developed a knack for reading lips. “Over the years, I started to realize that if you look at the corners of a person’s mouth, it says something about their mind-set and I can determine who they are underneath it all,” she explains.

Here in this video (1:05 min), we caught up with her on her recent trip to Dublin where she did a live lip reading on one of the launch attendees before our very eyes.

She’s even read Michelle Obama’s lips saying: “The corners of Michelle’s lips are very straight with a slight upturn at the very edge. This means she is someone with a high level of determination and a positive spirit. Her lips also pull in a little, though, which means she can be very sceptical and that despite her warmth, she does not trust easily.

She is a very secure person but I can see some past hurt and battles in how fixed her lips seem. Overall, these are the lips of someone strong and happy, which would look best in deep colours like a plum.”

For ages, women have been focused on the nude lip and Poppy reckons that women are scared of strong shades due to fashion influences of recent years. “Women are trying to work lipstick back in, but there’s a confusion about it,” she says. “They’re terrified of looking overdone.” 

That’s why she’s developed a range of seven iconic shades for Boots No7, based on “pure colour, but sheer”, which is set to bring vintage elegance to the modern woman.

So now it’s time to read our lips and hear us when we say, try the Poppy King  No7 range.  After all, a good lip colour can help women take on the world!

Availibility: No7 and Poppy King Lipsticks (€16.25) and No7 and Poppy King Lip glosses (€14.95) in History (red), Power (rose), Glamour (pink), Seduction (blackberry), Intrigue (pink nude), Confidence (nude) and Allure (peach) are available from 23 March 2011 in  Boots stores nationwide.

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Beauty: Lessons in Lipstick

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