Insiders Picks: Jo Craven on Packing Light

July 30, 2012

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Insiders Picks: Jo Craven on Packing Light


We’re dreaming of summer holidays here in the WSW office and always seem to want to pack the kitchen sink when it comes to holiday packing. Luckily, Vogue freelance editor, Jo Craven has come to the rescue with her top ten tips for packing light.

I’m a fashion and lifestyle journalist and currently working as a freelance editor at Vogue, where I was also Features Editor for 5 years.

Packing for me is a fantasy. I want to pack so many outfits and books, but then my strict, one bag for the entire family on RyanAir for a week in Sweden husband steps in. I then mournfully have to evolve rapidly into someone who can pack light. The sort of person you read about, elsewhere, not me.

1.    Mini bottle of Comme des Garcon’s Rhubarb Sherbert spray
I get very scent obsessed when I’m travelling and find a spray of scent can make up for the vast wash bag I’ve been disallowed.

2.    A hat
I’d love a collapsible, roll-up one but I find cheap French market soft straw trilbys rolled up actually look better crumpled and wonky in an ‘ultra’ vintage way.

3.    A bikini
Again there’s always a slight disconnect in the bikini I wear and the bikini I’d like to wear. Lovely Heidi Klein gave me my turquoise and white one years ago and the cover it offers, the detachable shoulder straps mean I can sunbathe, jump in the pool, pull up over my belly (a little), and feel ok, for a woman in her forties who has had two children.

My dream bikini is anything by Zimmerman, but somehow bikini shopping never rises to the top of my list. I’m sure if I had a bikini body it would.

4.    A Hammamas
It douples up as a sarong, a picnic blanket everything – because I can wear it in bed, update that bikini with a complementary apple one, sit down to lunch in it, wear it as a turban, or knot it as the bag I always forget to bring for those trips to the market.

There’s a 20 per cent discount for WSW readers, if you enter “Holidayspecial” at the checkout until August 14.

5.    A moleskin notebook – the one with plain paper for those sketch moments – and a mini box of watercolours, can’t help myself and in restaurants it silences the children.

6.    An ipad – for downloaded iplayer series I always meant to watch, for music, for the Brushes app, for the Moodboard, for music in the hotel room at night to giggle to.

7.    My camera – a G10 – and its manual as it is so very clever, I haven’t yet mastered it during the last 2 years and when else can I experiment with colour washes and finally take the perfect photos of my children.

8.    A silk dress. I do like kaftans – like Alice + Olivia’s and my studded Jigsaw belt.

9.    My Philippa Kunisch earrings – Perspex yellow horses that dress up and look like fun at the same time.

10.    A windcheater

Being English I can’t help myself ! Plus I’ve found a website selling K-Way’s groovy 1970s coloured anoraks I wore growing up. So geeky- stylish too.

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