Goodbye to the 00’s

January 4, 2010

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Goodbye to the 00’s

By Siobhan Lam

A lot went on during the last decade. Here, bids farewell to the last 10 years…

Noughties fashion began very casually; trucker caps, Ugg boots and velour tracksuits were the uniform of choice in 2001. Madonna started the craze for this look when she donned a Juicy Couture tracksuit with ‘Madge’ on the back. The sporty look was embraced by most of young Hollywood (most obviously Paris Hilton) and so it didn’t take very long for the masses to catch up on the most comfortable trend of all time.

The next trend was the most prominent in the last decade – the ‘boho’ look. It emerged in 2003 but didn’t properly gain momentum until 2004 when the world was formally introduced to its poster girl – Sienna Miller.

She came to the public’s attention during her very public affair with her then-married co-star Jude Law. The affair did not last long but our fascination with Miller’s look did. The ‘boho’ look was hippie-inspired, usually consisting of a long floaty skirt, some sort of embroidered tunic, large faux-coin belt, cowboy boots and a furry vest. This mish mash of garments was the uniform for most of us from 2004 to 2005 and while we busied ourselves with dirty skirt hems, a similar phenomenon was occurring across the water.

At the same time in America, two trends emerged that seemed to have been spawned from the boho guise. The first was essentially an extension of the boho look and its followers had a very distinct name and body mass – Zoë bots. These ladies were followers of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and basically emulated her look from head to toe. The look consisted of long patterned maxi dresses, oodles of gold bangles on the wrists and sometimes the upper arm, lashings of long gold pendants, headbands worn across the forehead, sun kissed blonde hair and most importantly HUGE bug-eyed designer sunglasses.

The most famous bots – Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie took the imitation of tiny Zoe a step further and lost incredible amounts of weight whilst under her tutelage which sparked heinous rumours about Zoe and so brought about the endless size zero debate.

The second look to develop from boho was the ‘hobo- grunge’ look where the followers looked…well homeless. The hobo look was made famous by the Olsen twins and had its base firmly in New York.

Again it was a very disheveled look dependent on messed up hair and too large ill-fitting layers, ironically the homeless look was incomplete if not teamed with designer wear – be it huge sunglasses or bag.  This inclusion of designer wear to complete a look was not fleeting and brings us to the next fashion trend – WAG’s.

The term WAG became widespread during the 2006 World Cup, (how ridiculous it is that an important fashion trend be related to football?) due to the shopping antics of the “Wives and Girlfriends” of the English football team. The look is extremely polished. No WAG look would be complete without hair extensions, fake tan/eyelashes/nails and fake boobs wouldn’t go astray either. The style is heavily reliant on designer wear, particularly designs that favoured their enviable figures e.g.  Herve Leger bodycon dress. Then there were the Wag weddings..

But designer clothes on their own weren’t good enough; the WAG’s had to have designer accessories too. It was about this time that having at least one designer ‘statement‘ bag became obligatory if you thought yourself fashionable in any way.

The most coveted IT bags included Marc Jacob’s Stam, Chloe’s Paddington and of course the exquisite Chanel 2.55 (aka the Chanel chain bag). The need for statement bags lasted until 2008, when it became improper to yearn for a bag with a four digit price tag!

The eighties were revived in 2009, with particular focus on the shoulder. Balmain created stunning pieces with padded shoulders and sure enough we and designers alike followed suit.

But the real trend to take off in 2009 was vintage. It has been there in the background for years ( Sadie Frost wore vintage to the oscars and shocked Hollywood back in the year 2000 ), but this year everybody wanted in.

Vintage had previously been associated with eco-loving fruitarians but this year vintage got sexy. The only thing better then saying “It’s designer” is “It’s vintage”!

Where does that leave us? We started the decade off wearing ‘Juicy’ on our asses and finished up with bigger shoulder pads than Joan Collins ever dreamed of. With current style icons like Lady Gaga constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion, I think we have some very interesting trends  to look forward to this coming decade.

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15 Responses to “Goodbye to the 00’s”

  1. Imen Says:

    Fabulous synopsis of the Noughties..I’m a big Rachel Zoe fan after working with her and being touched by her neurotic genius. Her personal style is inimitable, and I am glad that she is also very much a true vintage goddess who will also bring much inspiration in 2010. I am def looking forward -with bated breath-to all the sensationalism and creative that Lady Gaga will “muse” to the fashion world as well. Thanks for this. Imen x

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Wow, I never “met” anyone who worked with Rachel Zoe – kudos to you!

  3. siobhan lam Says:

    Wow Imen, that is so impressive that you’ve worked with Zoe. I adore her aesthetic so much!!

  4. flashyshades Says:

    awesome recap, touched upon a few similar points during my recap of the sunnies of the decade (on all in all i’m looking forward to seeing more of what the teens have in store

  5. patrese Says:

    I would like to know if Lady Gaga and Rhianna’s statement shoulder look will stay around in 2010?

  6. siobhan lam Says:

    If the spring/summer catwalk shows are anything to go by the statement shoulder is in the picture but not as much emphasise is on it this season. Bailey featured pronounced shoulders in his Burberry collection as did Alexander Wang in his – Wang’s was more ‘American football’ than ‘Dynasty’ though.

  7. patrese Says:

    Thanks-So is it a good time to avail of this season’s in the sales?Or wait out til Spring?

  8. siobhan lam Says:

    Yeah go for it but I would go for the subtler shoulders rather than the more extreme and big ones. A slight puff in the shoulder is still relevant and preferably in nude or pastel shades in order to work with the seasons shades!


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