Muse of the Month: Nicola Roberts

March 23, 2010

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Muse of the Month: Nicola Roberts

By Aisling Kennedy

“I’m just a girl who loves fashion. I’m obsessed to the point of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder about clothes.”

Nicola Roberts has definitely become the darling of style lovers everywhere of late. Her fairytale transformation in the last three years or so is almost hushed-tones worthy. This is a lady who has really come in to her own with a fashion flare that would set any style aficionado’s heart a flutter.

Roberts is, as many of you know, one fifth of the pop girl group Girls Aloud, but more recently she has become a hard hitter in the fashion and beauty industry. The fashion force that is the house of Vivienne Westwood was so taken with Robert’s unique style that she was approached with the possibility of becoming a model for the label.

Roberts also has her own make-up brand aptly named Dainty Doll, which caters for those of us who are not naturally blessed with sun kissed skin.

Early days aside, because lets be honest we all make mistakes, Roberts’s taste in clothing has come a long way and now she has a repertoire of industry admirers who seem to be increasing daily with Nicola regularly featuring on the best-dressed lists of numerous publications.

Nicola Roberts Signature Look

Her signature porcelain skin and extreme-parted bright red bobbed hair are show stoppingly stand-outish – setting her apart from her fellow bandmates and just about the majority of everyone out there to be quite honest. Her look suits her onehundred percent; it is unusual, individual and style-proof. Real style is after all, all about individuality.

Nicola also manages to cleverly mix and match top designer brands with choice high street pieces. Topshop is one of her high street favourites, (she was spotted recently at a fashion show in Topshop’s Jamie style stone-washed jeans) and Vivienne Westwood is more often then not, her designer of choice.

What Nicola Roberts Wears

At Topshop Unique’s Autumn/Winter 2010 show recently, Roberts (left) wore a Vivienne Westwood powder blue calf-length dress complete with an orange, pink and cream geometric diamond print.

On form again at The Elle Style Awards (pictured far right) Nicola rocked a neon fuchia Vanessa Bruno shorts suit with her hair coiffed and curled to perfection. Ultimate glamour!

The main points to keep in mind with Nicola’s style is that although unusual, it is always refined and she always manages to work an unconventional colour or pattern to her advantage.

Nicola Roberts Makeup

With regard to her make-up, she chooses tones in peach or pink for lips and cheeks, pale clear skin, light smoky eyes and thick full lashes are of course essential.

And so, all that’s left to do is to adore what you wear, whatever it is.

In her own words, “Everything I wear, I wear because I love it”. Amen too that.

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8 Responses to “Muse of the Month: Nicola Roberts”

  1. Aoifs Says:

    I think she has a great look – love her skin, clothes etc. Not a fan of the comb over hair that she favours at times, otherwise she looks fantastic. A real alternative to the fake tan brigade.

  2. caterine buckley Says:

    love her style seen the same shoes that she is wearing with the pink outfit in dunnes stores they were 16 reduced to 6 what a bargin

  3. Annemarie Says:

    Know what you mean Aoifs. Still think she probably has to work on achieving the pale look, as in some subtle, very very light tan needed!

  4. Annemarie Says:

    Really Catherine? Must check them out, wonder are they still in Dunnes?

  5. caterine buckley Says:

    annemarie checked dunnes today still have them

  6. Annemarie Says:

    Brilliant . Dunnes if you’re listening send us a pic so that
    we can feature it thanks !

  7. Efa Says:

    I love that she’s embracing the pale but I really dont like her hair colour! Her natural red is beautiful!

  8. Annemarie Says:

    She went a bit mad with her hair alright. It’s like Nicole Kidman, her natural colour is much nicer than the ice queen blonde look

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