Street Style: NCAD

March 9, 2010

Daily Digest

Street Style: NCAD

By Conor Behan

You might not think of college as a style haven for young men. We’ve all seen enough mismatched A&F and tracksuit combos across campuses to put you off ever finding some stylish men on college campuses.

Thank goodness for NCAD, the National College of Art and Design on Dublin’s Thomas Street, which unsurprisingly is a haven for Ireland’s most stylish fellas. I managed to pick three guys, some rocking charity shop chic and all with their own unique look that showed how the boys can take some fashion risks and pull it off with aplomb.

Frank Wasser

First up is SU president Frank Wasser, whose smart casual style seemed a perfect fit for his role with student politics.

Showing the NCAD knack for picking the best from the charity shops, his blazer, jacket and shirt are Mrs Quinn’s Charity Shop (who have a branch across the road from the college). He picked up the jeans in Berlin and those shoes (which are quite happy to style crush on at this point) are from Topman.

We love this look for how relaxed it is but for the effortless-y sharp way Frank pulls if off. Proof indeed that you can piece together low budget items and make it look extremely snappy.

Gerard Gunning

Gerard Gunning took a more colourful and relaxed approach that really stood out from the pack when we visited NCAD.

We loved the bright colours on display in Gerard’s rigout. From the runners from Size, to a bold red pair of Adidaas tracksuit bottoms there was plenty of colour to be found. Hoodie’s and t-shirt from H&M and a black top from Topman complete the look alongside a bright orange (his favourite colour we discovered) watch from River Island. In a college where many tried to do a skinny/indie/fashionista look and failed to pull it off we loved how Gerard threw together some bold colours. Take note those dressing only in black!

Michael Power

Finally we have fashion student Michael Power whose blazer and shoes were favourites of ours.

It was those Aldo shoes that caught our eye first, an interesting rockabilly vibe that we were immediately drawn to. With Topman sourced skinny jeans and t-shirt (still the best place to spruce up a look if you ask us) with a Mrs Quinn’s charity shop blazer, we couldn’t love this look anymore if we tried.

A perfect example of how guys can do sharp, sleek tailored pieces with plenty of their own personality included.

So what have we learned from NCAD?

We’ve learned that the fellas need to give the charity shops a second look because from our style hunting it seems like there are some real gems to be found.

And if you still want to do the tracksuit bottoms/casual look then fine but why not have a bit of fun with it and add some colour?

We’re hoping that where NCAD leads, the other colleges will follow.

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7 Responses to “Street Style: NCAD”

  1. whisty Says:

    It’s crazy, the fellas are killin it style-wise in Dublin at the moment. What’s going on with the girls, I’m hoping it’s an in-between-season’s slump that will see an amazingly stylish summer!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    That is of course apart from your own fab style Whisty !

  3. whisty Says:

    Aw shucks *blushes*.
    Thanks Annemarie! That’s so lovely of you! x

  4. val Says:

    if you want fashion check out bcfe
    best style out there 😉

  5. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Val, cool, will check it out, where’s bcfe?

  6. Lisa Says:

    I agree Val, especially the Fiber Art students :)
    BCFE = Ballyfermot College Further Education, the arts dept are oozing fashion cred Annemarie

  7. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Lisa & Val, would love to do some street style pics on BCFE – can you send me some photos and descriptions, like this article? . Or is school out already?

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