On Our Radar: Mr. Selfridge

January 4, 2013

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On Our Radar: Mr. Selfridge


What are we do with no more Downton Abbey gracing our screens for the foreseeable future?  Step forth the latest fashion focused period drama, Mr. Selfridge.

Starring Jeremy Piven (you’ll recognise him from Entourage) as Chicago businessman Harry Gordon Selfridge, who swaps his chinos for a dapper suit in this period drama set in 1900’s London.

“Mr Selfridge” recounts how he made the gamble of a life-time and opened the West-Ends first fully fledged Department Store, Selfridges. Many Londoners were horrified at the sight of the shop that sold counters full of lipstick and makeup, which back then, was only worn by prostitutes.

Along the way, the wealthy American entrepreneur becomes distracted by addictions to gambling, mansions and mistresses, but continues his ambition to make ‘fashion thrilling for women’.

Expect three piece suits, pocket watches, shopping, sex and lots of style. We can’t wait!

Mr. Selfridge, Sunday nights at 9pm on TV3, Sponsored by Lindt.  Starts 6th January 2013  

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