Personal Style Report: Mister Spex

May 16, 2011

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Personal Style Report: Mister Spex

Preferring to look to others for inspiraton, WhatSheWears doesn’t usually cover personal style of our own (for that we can recommend plenty of other notable personal style blogs such as Whisty, Soooali or Fixated on Fashion) but today’s post is an exception.

When summer comes around, there’s only one accessory staple that I turn to time and time again that spells “cheer me up” the minute I put them on and that’s sunglasses.

I have my oversized sunglasses with prescription lenses for driving – they’re a Bablyliss pair I picked up on my travels in Melbourne years ago which have served me well.

But this season, for me, there’s only one shape that matters and that’s the aviator. I’ve admired them on everyone from Posh to Cheryl Cole in seasons past so when Mister Spex asked me to browse their site and choose a pair to try out, I instantly knew which style I’d go for: Rayban Aviator Large in gunmetal (€166.50 – allow for an additional €11.30 for shipping to Ireland).  I prefer my sunglasses large, so ended up choosing the men’s style.

The best thing about this online sunglasses store is that their designer sunglasses can be ordered with a prescription for only €49 extra – believe me, as someone who’s short sighted, this is such a hard thing to come by!

Usually this service either costs the earth or the particular style that you’ve had your heart set on, can’t have its normal lenses changed for a prescription ones. Which means that you end up in Specsavers with a limited selection to choose from, and not a designer in sight (don’t get me wrong, Specsavers is fine for normal glasses – just not sunglasses in my opinion).

Can you spot me in the image above? I feel very underdressed compared to all the other wonderfully stylish people involved in the campaign! Thanks again Mister Spex for this stylish summer pick-me-up.

P.S This week check out our fabulous summer sunglasses special – with a guide on which sunglasses suit your face shape.

Image: Mister Spex Website

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  1. Laura Says:

    We loved your sunglasses choice here in the office, can’t beat a classic. Glad you’re happy with them, they look great on you! Mister Spex UK Team

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