Beauty: Microdermabrasion & Colonic at Renew

March 26, 2013

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Beauty: Microdermabrasion & Colonic at Renew


I used January as a month to detox. Yes, I  jumped on the “New Year New You” bandwagon and started on January 1st by eliminating coffee, booze and chocolate from my diet. This first 10 days I was good, but after that some chocolate “crept back in” and I had wine at the weekend  – isn’t there something about having a drink after work on a Friday that says “hello weekend”?.

Caffeine free

My dry January was short lived but I did stay off the coffee and had decaffs and herbal teas instead. I’ve tried green tea and find the taste awful, but have discovered that Twinning’s do a Green Tea with Pineapple that’s actually quite drinkable.

I’ve been trying out some smoothies too. The Green Goddess smoothie (here’s the recipe) is one which Dita Von Teese raves about and it’s actually quite filling.


To really boost the detox, I signed up for the Face and Body Detox at Renew Aesthetic Clinic , located off Dublin’s Baggot Street. It’s a private clinic run by two qualified nurses and which specialises in laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and Icoone, the latest hi-tech treatment for cellulite that Gwyneth Paltrow uses.

The colonic was first and because I knew what to expect (I did one about six years ago), it went well but to some the idea of having a tube inserted up your bum to wash out your intestine is not the most appealing of experiences. On the plus side it does leave you feeling lighter, with a flatter tummy and a better working digestive system which alleviates ailments such as constipation and bloating . Some say that it’s great for weight loss and although you’ll be a few pounds lighter having eliminated so much waste, it’s your empty bowel that’s better able to absorb nutrients which is a great basis for weight loss that works.


For the microdermabrasion, Sinead, the nurse looking after me that day, got to work on a deep skin exfoliation using a Diamond-Chip wand (pictured above left) which gently polished away the top layer of skin to reveal a smooth complexion underneath. There was some redness on the face afterwards which goes overnight but seeing as my skin was quite dull beforehand, the results were instantly visible and my skin brighter.

New Year, New Skincare

To keep up the good skincare regime for 2013, I bought the Image cleanser (€30 sold at Renew Aesthetic Clinic) which is a stellar product due to its main ingredient, Glycolic acid. Makeup artist Leonard Daly once told me that “If you invest in this skincare it will change your life (well your skin!)” and explained that skincare with Glycolic acid is great for  anti-ageing, texture resurfacing and minimising pigmentation (you can read the full explanation on his Beauty Baked blog ). You do get a bit spotty for the first few days using it (for me it was at least a week)– it’s the ingredients getting rid of your skin’s impurities – but Leonard says to bear with it as your skin will come right in the end.

The Ultimate Face and Body Detox at  Renew is €200 for two Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments and two Medical Microdermabrasions.

Renew Aesthetic Clinic, Hatch St, Dublin 2. Tel 01 – 661 9261 . Renew also has a clinic in 7 Basin St., Naas, Co Kildare, Tel 045 901111

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