What She Wears: Yummy Mummy to be

March 17, 2011

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What She Wears: Yummy Mummy to be

What does a stylish girl wear when she’s got a bun in the oven? Gone are the days of huge maternity tents. Instead, take a leaf out of glamorous, pregnant mums to be like Holly Willoughby, who coincidentally has cashed in on her current status and launched a maternity line.

The whatshewears.ie team have put together a guide to get you through this pregnancy looking fabulous. All you need are some baby friendly basics to see you from bump to post baby bulge in style.

Comfort and support are your new found buzzwords followed closely by flat shoes.  Rejoice in the fact that you don’t have to cram your little toes into sky high stilettos and revel in the fact that there are some seriously glamorous ballet pumps (flats) out there. Pennys is one of many shops that come to mind. You will also get through these nine months with two new best friends, the empire line and the elasticated waist.

1. An empire line cut drapes over your tummy and is tightest under your bust. This style is ideal for flattering your bigger belly and can be found in both dresses and tunic or smock tops.

2. An elasticated waist is all about comfort. We suggest  that you buy at least one pair of elasticated jeans(check out Topshop’s selection) and / or a pair of black leggings. You may think “oh it’s only a few months”, but between the pregnancy itself and the post baby bulge you will need these basics to get you through looking stylish.

3.  Keep going to your favourite shops. Buy nice things a size or two bigger than you would normally wear. The word “maternity” stuck on to a collection is just an excuse to charge you more. There are boutiques which specialise in maternity wear but these are usually quite expensive .  Look to Zara and H&M for relatively inexpensive clothes which look good.

4.  Only invest in items you’ll still wear after the baby – belts, bags and flat shoes to dress up the clothes mentioned above.

5. For underwear check out EMI – Elle Macpherson Intimates – her range of maternity bras.Note that any maternity bra will have thicker bra straps, so bear this in mind when buying sleeveless tops (if you’re pregant during summer).

6. Dressing for an “occasion” while you’re pregnant needn’t be a hoo ha.  Look for a flowy, Grecian style dresswith an empire line cut.  Monsoon usually ticks all these boxes.  Wear with flat, metallic evening sandals which are both comfy and chic. The purple dress which Holly Willoughby wore to the Brits last month is another option. It costs  €37 and is available to buy from Littlewoods.

7. If you insist on “maternity” collections check out Topshop, especially their elasticated waist jeans.

8. Wear an open jacket to reveal a narrow column glimpse of your wrap dress/dress underneath.  This is a great way to achieve the illusion of a slimmer silhouette! Don’t wear any cropped jackets; they will sit on your bump, emphasizing it rather than hiding it.

9. Black opaque tights will hide your swollen ankles. Your legs will look slimmer than ever during this time so rely on your black opaque’s which will go with most dresses in the winter and spring months.

10. Long stretchy skirts (with elasticated waist) are great for giving you extra length when you are feeling extra wide.

11. Jersey, jersey, jersey. This material will work with your shape and is seriously flattering. Wrap dresses in a jersey fabric are the best thing since sliced bread when you’re pregnant (and even when you’re not!).

Choose a dress with a busy print which will take away from your curves and keep you looking in proportion. Diane von Furstenberg is our go-to label for wrap dresses.

12. If you’re comfortable doing so, vnecks are great for showing off your newly found bigger boobs.

13. If your work dress code dictates that you have to wear a suit, find a longer length suit jacket which will accommodate your bump. Even better if you can get one with a low cut neckline to lengthen your upper body.

14. Finally, we would ask that you swap your favourite buys with your girlfriends once you are back to your normal shape, especially those maternity jeans.

Please share your “how to look good with a baby on board” secrets here by leaving a comment for other whatshewears.ie expectant readers!

Black jersey dress pictured is from the Holly Willoughby collection which is available from www.littlewoodsdirect.com with deliveries from mid-April, priced from €27- €52 and available in sizes 6-22.

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7 Responses to “What She Wears: Yummy Mummy to be”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Congratulations to all checking out this article. I was pregnant recently for 18 months out of 27!
    When maternity jeans are still too big loop a rubber band through the button hole of your regular trousers and jeans and hook it over the button, this should get you another couple of weeks out of them.
    When trying on maternity jeans and trousers, stand up and sit down a few times to see if they’re the very annoying falling down kind – not a good look!
    Maternity tights are expensive and if you’re not having any circulation or leg problems regular opaque hold ups are much cheaper, not as warm either which is good now that you have an on board radiator.
    Beware buying bigger clothes instead of maternity clothes, maternity clothes make you look pregnant, (difficult to deny) bigger clothes can just make you look bigger (preferable to deny) the exception to this is flattering empire line styles etc that acomodate your bump in your original size (iykwim).
    Wishing you all happy healthy pregnancies and remember to try to enjoy it – not always easy I know.

  2. Helen Earley Says:

    What a great article. I loved being pregnant, not least because it gave me the excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe! I found H&M Mama really good, and also the website Jojo Maman bebe. I bought some superb nursing tops from there as well as a very practical- and slightly sexy- black maternity bikini. For non-bikini days, my saviour was the “bump band” from Topshop- worn around the waist, it means you can comfortably wear most of your own shirts and blouses- without exposing too much of that beautiful belly.

  3. Inez Says:

    Great article! I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant so an interesting read. Topshop has been a life saver, bought their under the bump jeans and black trousers which have seen me through whole pregnancy so far. For the later stage, finding over the bump (didn’t think I would but it’s all about comfort now!!) trousers the best buy and just purchased the Next bootcut jeans which are really flattering. Topshop always have some kind of jersery dress in their range which is a must as can wear as dress or over jeans, it expands with bump too so great purchase. I’ve tried to stick to plain tops (H&M a winner in both style and price) as easier to mix and match and hopefully won’t date as much should you need them for another pregnancy or to lend to friends. Finally White Stuff (not sure if it is in Ireland yet but if not they have a website) always have really good kaftans/long jumpers which are great for the ever expanding bump. They are not maternity but have seen me through.

  4. Marianna Dooley Says:

    Perfect timing for me to have found this article, I am in New York and am going shopping today precisely for maternity clothes, I have made do with my own clothes up until now by sticking with empire line tops/dresses in my normal size, but now its just not working anymore. I have researched the maternity shops in NY and was surprised to find there isn’t really that much versus what I was expecting, the main ones I’ve been advised to go to are; Gap, Old Navy, H&M and Pea in the pod in Maceys. Good thing is you can order online with all of these stores, so no need to make the trip over!

    Advise above is perfect for me, am going to stick with white leggings/ capri pants and empire line tops that actually fit me! but most importantly that are also nursing tops too so that I can use them post bump for breast feeding, my sister in law was advising me to get loads of comfortable nursing vest tops aswell and get 2 or 3 light cardigans, so that you can live i them but still look like you’ve different outfits, and use accesories to to mix it up.

    At this stage I am really starting to feel like a bloated whale:) so am really looking forward to shopping today! Thanks for all the advise:)

  5. Orla Says:

    I don’t have any first hand experience or tips but I’ve heard that Beautiful Shapes in Lucan (Ireland) is a great place if you have a wedding or fancy ‘do’ coming up. They specialise in maternity occasion-wear and have a great selection of outfits you can rent.

    If you want to wear something really nice and glam but don’t want the expense of buying an outfit in your temporary-larger-than-life-size then it’s the perfect solution – rent it!

  6. Hazel Says:

    Katie Holmes to design kids clothes range with her stylist! Called Holmes and Yang http://fashionista.com/2009/08/holmes_yang_to_launch_this_fal.php

  7. Lida Bergenty Says:

    Howdy, what a wonderful blog you have. I found it on Yahoo while looking for some baby gear. Thanks and good luck.

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