Bump Watch: 7 Months In

November 30, 2011

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Bump Watch: 7 Months In

At 7 months in I am now in the last trimester, with 10 weeks to go. I am still feeling pretty good, although a little more breathless than before – Its feels like I’ve run a marathon when I’ve only climbed a flight of stairs!

When I ditched my heels a few weeks ago I needed to get some really comfortable boots so decided on the UGG biker boot. I am delighted with my choice, they are so comfortable and cosy – I haven’t left them off me!

Here I’m wearing them with black skinnies from GAP, t-shirt and beanie hat from All Saints, cardigan from the Spanish label Desigual and my scarf was a gift.

One thing you do realise with bottoms during pregnancy is that you definitely need maternity trousers; the additional belly band (that regular jeans don’t have) helps keeps them up!
Although in GAP, for example, they have a variety of styles to choose from – you can have no additional panel (around the waistband), a back panel, a demi panel, which is the style I find most comfortable, or the full panel.

So my advice is to invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans and your tops don’t necessarily need to be maternity.

P.S. Leggings also become a wardrobe staple!

–    Ann-Marie Proudfoot  http://proudfoot.ie/

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4 Responses to “Bump Watch: 7 Months In”

  1. Orla Says:

    Hi Ann-Marie. I’m in dire need of some new maternity jeans so was just wondering which GAP has the best selection? Do you shop in the one in Arnotts or in Dundrum or somewhere else?


  2. AnnMarie Proudfoot Says:

    Hi Orla,

    I bought them in the Gap in Dundrum. They have a small maternity section with black and blue skinnies. I also bought bootcut jeans in Next in Dundrum. They are actually quiet nice on too.

    How many months are you?


  3. Orla Duncan Says:

    Aaaghh… just skinnies? They seem to be everywhere. I’m looking for a nice bootcut pair that I can wear with heels (not too high of course) but all the ones I’ve tried on are too short. I saw recently that Next do an extra long version in their online shop so I might pop in to a store and double check my size before ordering online.

    Will be 6 months next week. I’m feeling great and having lots of fun with it :)

  4. Anon User Says:

    Hi Orla,
    As a regular customer of The gap store in Dundrum, ask one of the team to guide you through the maternity range, they seem to have some things you can’t notice in the maternity range ! I recomend asking one of the men who work in the ladies department you’d be suprised how much they know about womens clothes!

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