What He Wears

October 22, 2009

Daily Digest

What He Wears

By Conor Behan

Along with the trend and catwalk report queries we receive from our readers, we also get asked about the boys about town. Since our expertise lies in celebrity and catwalk female fashion, we turned to Conor Behan, journalist and budding fashion fan, for the first in our What He Wears series, for his thoughts on guys’ gear and why certain celebrity looks work.

There is a bevy of famous female faces that show savvy fashionistas what does and doesn’t work in the style stakes. But what about the boys? Here we dig up some of the men showing that being fashion forward and snappily dressed is not a girls-only game.

Kanye West

From designing shoes for Louis Vuitton to sitting front and centre at all the major catwalk shows, West is every inch the budding fashionista. From humble beginnings, he has evolved into a label loving fashion die-hard with an obvious eye for design. You need only think of the shutter shades from the “Stronger” video which became a must have, even amongst females.

Or take a look at his blog which is as likely to feature shots of new fashion collections and sculptures, as it is plugs for his own music. His influence on popular music over the last five years has been staggering and all signs point to him making the same impact on the way men dress. Kanye is truly a fashionable fellow and always thinks about the details with his outfits.

Here he rocks a sequinned waistcoat (on trend again this season), trainers and a huge watch – the essential arm candy for men. Perhaps he could’ve ditched the oversized Louis Vuitton bag, but it’s certainly a new take on the man bag!

Justin Timberlake

Successfully navigating his way out of boy band style hell (perms and all over denim anyone?), to a sharp and easily copied look; Justin has come a long way since his NSync days.

His relaxed but sharp approach to fashion has influenced many. His is a style that men look up to for its simplicity and relaxed look that also gives a sense of not having tried too hard. Justin is clearly aware of his own influence with his successful William Rast clothing line, one of the few to have endured. His nose for style is obvious and his smart casual look will continue to be a favourite of men everywhere.

Pictured here, the leather jacket, waistcoat and tie combination could’ve looked seriously dodgy on anyone else, but JT wears it with attitude and pulls it off nicely.

David Beckham

You might raise your eyebrows at this one, but no other celebrity male has had such an influence on men’s fashion and grooming in the last ten years. From the revolving door of hair styles that ranged from the good (shaved head) to the bad (blonde highlights) and the clean, fresh look that has no doubt helped the still booming men’s skincare market, David has clearly got his eye on something previously missing from men’s fashion.

Adept at both suits to the more relaxed day look, Beckham has offered many men a master class in how to pull together simple but effective fashion.

Here, Becks looks great in a cosy cardigan and a cool pair of broken-in jeans combo. The fact that he wears his ties tucked into his cardi is geek chic but is a look he often pulls off with aplomb.

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  1. mis jo-jo Says:

    Seems the cardigan is the trend amongs these 3.. not often seen on many irish men. . but definitely in favour, think Dermot o’Leary from x afactor also sports the odd cardigan look from time to time.

    So yes.. definitely in favour of these looks for the irish lads…

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Conor was interviewed on Spin about this on 23 October.The presenters did a poll on the website of who the best dressed male celeb was. Kanye won! Surprised?

  3. Matthew C. Kriner Says:

    One of my favorite artists, thank you! You can find loads of their music this over at this site

  4. Merlin Darner Says:

    cheers bro for sharing are there feeds to your blog? I’d like to add them to my reader

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