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Beauty: LA Makeup Academy

November 24, 2010

Daily Digest, Hair & Beauty

Beauty: LA Makeup Academy

Last week I was shortlisted for an Eircom Spiders award, a black tie awards ceremony recognising “excellence in Internet in Ireland” which takes place annually in The Burlington Hotel in Dublin 4.

Delighted to have gotten this far and for fear that I may have to go on stage if I won, I needed to look my best for the night and so I booked in to have my makeup done by LA Makeup Academy (to have your make up done is €25 or €35 with lashes).

Frequented by celebrities and TV personalities for red carpet events and photo shoots, I felt I was in safe hands when I was ushered into my own private room, complete with chaise longue!  Here I am sitting into my director’s chair, eagerly awaiting my consultation.

la makeup academy

Naomh Geday,  the makeup artist assigned to me (pictured right in the main image), was excellent. She started off by asking me what look I was after. The ensuing description by me (including words to the effect that this was a “very glam” black tie event  so I was not interested in experimenting with a new smoky eye look or a high fashion one for that matter), meant that she suggested a classic look of a strong red lip and black eyeliner to suit my outfit.

I had gone in detail on that too, describing the the very fitted, very blue, Victoria Beckham style dress I’d bought in Julien which kind of had a 50’s nipped in waist feel to it.

She used a variety of products on me including Nars blusher, Mac foundation applied with a sable Sephora brush, Rimmel eye shadow, a dramatic red lipstick from LA Makeup’s own range and the piece de resistance, falsh eyelashes (again from their own range,  €12 per pack), which honest to goodness made the Girls Aloud ones I’d previously sworn by for “glam” occasions, fade in comparison.

When I mentioned I was then off to the hairdressers to get my hair done, Naomh promptly offered to do my hair and so a round of vigorous backcombing and hair spraying ensued. So not only did she save me money, she also granted me the much-needed time to get dressed at home and do my nails too!

I did manage to get some before and after shots, which in hindsight I should’ve shown you from the other time I got my makeup done. The lighting in them isn’t great so please excuse the shots I took, but they should give you an idea of the transformation involved.

Yes, that’s what I’m calling it, a transformation (the state of me in the before shot!). Which is why the lead image for this story is a professional shot of makeup done by LA Makeup, and not my own photography! Here’s a picture taken in better light.

And even though there were no accolade for myself on the night (the award went to, I still felt like a million dollars.

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4 Responses to “Beauty: LA Makeup Academy”

  1. Anna B Says:

    Wow, nice job! Very glamourous, but still recognisable!

  2. AnneMarie Says:

    Thanks Anna B, it was such a lovely experience, and quick too!

  3. caterine buckley Says:

    wow you look fab well done you were a winner in my eyes

  4. Annemarie Says:

    Awh thanks Catherine, so lovely of you to say so

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